Today's Gallery (2020.01.25) | The Daily Star

Today's Gallery (2020.01.25)

child jockeys race horses

Child jockeys race horses at a competition in Padmapara village of Bogura’s Gabtali upazila yesterday. Some 40 jockeys, mostly children, joined the race, organised as part of a three-day village fair. Although using children as jockeys is prohibited, their guardians let them take part in the race to win lucrative prizes. Photo: Mostafa Shabuj

rickshaws human hauliers and other vehicles

Rickshaws, human hauliers and other vehicles, seized by police, are gathering rust in a field in Kanchpur area of Narayanganj as there is no proper storage facilities. Many of these vehicles are to be used as evidence in different cases. The photo was taken on Thursday. Photo: Anisur Rahman