Today's Gallery (2020.01.26) | The Daily Star

Today's Gallery (2020.01.26)

kalurghat bridge in chattogram

In most situations, vehicles have to wait when a train approaches and let it pass by. But on Kalurghat bridge in Chattogram city, it is the train that often has to wait until the traffic is cleared on the narrow bridge constructed in 1930. People of the region have long been demanding a new bridge to ease their commuting woes. The photo was taken last week. Photo: Rajib Raihan

a hole on the bridge

People looking down a hole on the bridge in Gabtola area of Brahmanbaria town after a large chunk of concrete fell off last week. Local autorickshaw pullers have placed bamboos in an effort to make the rickety bridge steady. The hole was eventually patched up with a slab of metal. Photo: Masuk Hridoy