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Today's Gallery (2020.06.04)

garment workers

Garment workers wearing masks and personal protective equipment wait in a queue while a man sprays disinfectants on them. The photo was taken in front of a factory of Cute Dress Industry in Dhamrai yesterday morning. Some companies have been rigorously following the coronavirus rules while others do not seem to care much. Photo: Palash Khan

living in the void

LIVING IN THE VOID: Some homeless people have taken shelter in an empty space beneath Moghbazar flyover, instead of living on the streets. They use a ladder to reach the space. Such precarious living conditions can pose a number of risks to the lives of everyone there. The photo was taken recently. PHOTO: RASHED ShUMON

two children enjoying

Two children enjoying the sweet relief brought by the rain yesterday after Dhaka suffered a few days of extreme heat and humidity. The photo was taken yesterday at Mugdapara. PHOTO: Sk ENAMUL HAQ