Today's Gallery (2020.07.09) | The Daily Star

Today's Gallery (2020.07.09)

jamuna river

A concrete building being slowly devoured by the Jamuna at Beltia village of Tangail’s Kalihati upazila. At least 40 such structures, mostly homes, have been washed away over the last couple of days after erosion damaged a portion of the flood protection embankment in the area. The villagers have blamed the Water Development Board’s negligence in this regard. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: MIRZA SHAKIL

kamalapur rail station area

A lush vegetation appears to be reclaiming the stabling area at Kamalapur rail station in the capital. With a fraction of the fleet of trains operating after over two months of shutdown, the pre-pandemic hustle and bustle has yet to return to the terminal. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain


A man feeding caged rabbits at a pet shop in Kataban area. The place has recently seen a rise in customers, as the scope of recreation has shrunk around the city due to Covid-19, and as a result, many people, especially children, are opting to buy pets. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS

rickshaws going against traffic

Rickshaws going against traffic in front of the Bangabhaban during the busy morning hour yesterday. One would think that the most basic traffic rule is enforced at least around the presidential palace. Photo: Rashed Shumon

the scorching heat

A man sleeping under a tree in Gulistan park in the capital as the city suffered the scorching heat yesterday afternoon. Many low-income people have slided into poverty and lost their shelter during the shutdown of the economy. Photo: Rashed Shumon