Today's Gallery (2020.08.06) | The Daily Star

Today's Gallery (2020.08.06)

What used to be a canal

What used to be a canal has become a pit of floating garbage in Nandipara of the capital’s Khilgaon. Waste from a nearby kitchen market and floodwaters have been making their way into the water body for years now, turning it into a perfect breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes and more. PHOTO: AMRAN HOSSAIN

jamuna devoured her house

Phool Khatun, 70, tries to have a roof over her head again after the mighty Jamuna devoured her house on Char Chunduni in Tangail’s Bhuapur upazila. After her husband died many years ago, she had already been struggling to make ends meet because of floods, and now river erosion has only added to her woes. PHOTO: SHEIKH ENAMUL HAQ