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Today's Gallery (2020.11.19)

children in hatirjheel

Children in Hatirjheel creating earthen toys, which they will leave out in the sun to dry before they can start playing with them. Amid the continuing closure of schools during the coronavirus pandemic, children across the country have had a lot of time to engage in recreational activities. This photo was taken around noon yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon

dhaka aricha highway

People crossing the Dhaka-Aricha highway near Abdullahpur, paying scarcely any attention to an advancing truck, which has to make way for the pedestrians rather than the other way round. This photo was taken on Tuesday morning. Photo: SK Enamul Haq

sprouts of onions

A grocer cutting off sprouts of onions. Small retailers buy these onions from importers for cheap, about Tk 40 a kg, and sell them for nearly Tk 60 after they have cut off the sprouts and have dried them. The photo was taken in CRB area of Chattogram yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan

women labourers

Women labourers wait for work with their shovels at Savar City Centre. Begum, right, says she finds work only about 10-15 days a month and attributes her reduced income to the economic slump caused by the coronavirus restrictions. The photo was taken on Tuesday. Photo: Sk Enamul Haq

little russel

Little Russel was seen writing on his notebook, completely zoned in, sitting on a rickshaw-van at the capital’s Curzon Hall area. He told this photojournalist that he loves to read and write, but his father cannot afford to send him to school. One day, when Russel asked to get admitted to a school, the father collected what little money he had and bought Russel pencils and a notebook. Far from being discouraged, he makes full use of the stationery, aiming to become -- in his own words -- a great man. PHOTO: Prabir Das