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Today's Gallery (2020.12.17)

annual fishing festival

Fishermen from various villages setting off on the Monu river on several boats in Moulvibazar. This is part of the annual fishing festival which takes place over three days. This photo was taken recently from Kulaura upazila. Photo: Mintu Deshwara

tannery waste

Tannery waste dumped into the Dhaleshwari river in broad daylight at Hemayetpur, Savar. Pollution will become more evident around Dhaka and its outskirts since it is winter and the rivers do not have as much water. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Palash Khan

memorial small paper flags

This group of children and elderly living in the streets may spend the day on an empty stomach, but their hearts are filled to the brim with the joy of experiencing an independent Bangladesh. To share that feeling with their fellow citizens on Victory Day, they intricately created their own martyrs’ memorial with small paper flags. Fully in the mood for celebration, they also attached a speaker and turned the music up for the whole area to become lively. This photo was taken from Dhaka University area. Photo: Prabir Das

measles rubella vaccination

A child covers his eyes in fear of the needle while a health assistant pushes vaccine in his arm at Rampur Ward-25 office in Chattogram. Measles-rubella vaccination programmes have resumed countrywide and will continue until January 14. The ward was struggling to vaccinate nearly 900 children on Tuesday due to limited manpower, as long queues formed outside the centre. Photo: Rajib Raihan

measles rubella vaccination

Photo: Rajib Raihan