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Today's Gallery (2020.12.20)

an elderly man

An elderly man, wrapped in a blanket, taking a sip of tea to keep himself warm in the unbearable cold yesterday. Many homeless people like him are suffering immensely due to the cold wave that has been sweeping over the country recently. The photo was taken near Kamalapur Railway Station in the capital yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman

bangladesh national museum visitors

A long queue of patient visitors in front of the Bangladesh National Museum in the capital’s Shahbagh on Friday afternoon shows it is not easy to keep Dhaka residents at home on a weekend afternoon, pandemic or not. Encouragingly, though, most are wearing masks. Photo: Palash Khan

big pile of rods

A big pile of rods has remained on a road at Chankharpul for 20-25 days, as Dhaka South City Corporation is constructing M Aziz Complex there. Authorities frequently auction off construction materials kept on roads by businesses. Now the question is, will they do so for their own materials? The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain

cold related illnesses

As winter sets in even in urban areas, cold-related illnesses are also on the rise. The queue of patients at Bangladesh Shishu Hospital bears reminded that children are one of the most vulnerable groups to these ailments. The photo was taken last week. Photo: Rashed Shumon