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Today's Gallery (2021.01.14

the sadapathar area

The Sadapathar area, a major tourist attraction in Companyganj, Sylhet, is almost empty even at this time of the year. People who make a living selling goods and services to tourists are passing difficult times although the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted there. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

new market in the capital

As stated in the signboard, left, the High Court strictly prohibits parking inside New Market in the capital. But the drivers who left the vehicles, presumably of government officials, on the premises right in front of the stores clearly don’t care much about the rules, let alone the shoppers and pedestrians. One of the vehicles do not even have the BRTA standard issue number plate as well. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Prabir Das

new market in the capital

Photo: Prabir Das

reckless driving

A woman loses her cool, after her rickshaw was hit by an empty ambulance near the capital’s Central Shaheed Minar. Though the passenger managed to jump off the vehicle unhurt, the rickshaw puller sustained minor injuries in the accident. Reckless driving is an all-too-common scene in the capital, and minor accidents are an everyday occurrence. PHOTO: RASHED SHUMON