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Today's Gallery (2021.01.21)

water bottles being burnt

Labels from plastic soft drink and water bottles being burnt in the capital’s Rayerbazar. While the bottles seen in the background are recycled there is little use for the labels and so those are burnt. This creates environment and health risks as the labels contain plastic and some harmful chemicals, which produce noxious fumes when they are burnt. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Rashed Shumon

received as allowance

A woman counting the money she received as allowance for the elderly people in the capital’s Tejgaon yesterday. She said she had to wait for four hours in the queue to receive the money. Photo: Prabir Das

dhaka north city corporation

Two workers sit on top of a loaded truck bearing the name of Dhaka North City Corporation, with nothing to protect them from accidents, or even bumps on the road. Disregard of safety is not an uncommon sight, but it is particularly disappointing to see it on the part of authorities. Aminbazar area on the Dhaka-Aricha Highway yesterday. PHOTO: PALASH KHAN

narrow streets

It’s a challenge to navigate the narrow streets of Old Dhaka, whether on foot or on vehicles. There’s no defined walking space or footpaths for pedestrians, and shops have taken up space on the side of the road, pushing the pedestrian and hose on vehicles together. Especially during the busy hours of the day, walking through one of the alleys can feel like an obstacle course. This photo was taken on Tuesday from Alauddin Road. Photo: Prabir Das