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  • Wishful thinking on Code of Conduct for South China Sea

    After years of negotiations, Asean and China signed the Declaration on the Conduct which cited that the contracting parties should exercise restraint in activities that could complicate or escalate disputes.

  • Countries should prepare to tackle the new Trump administration

    It's official. A new world order, aka, the Trump Order, has been set in motion.

  • New thinking needed to retain talent

    Brain drain seems to be an obstacle in Malaysia's development. Moves by Malaysians leaving home to seek greener pasture have never been stopped.

  • Six-point Asean secrets Trump should know

    New United States President Donald Trump must be “fantastically” happy with a “wonderful” Asean because it is the only “great” regional organisation that has no military might and has not been at war. The problem is, he might not know about the grouping at all.

  • TPP's demise sounds no death knell

    The final doomsday countdown has begun for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

  • Cash-starved India assesses its pain

    Two months after India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the controversial decision to withdraw currency notes of Rupees 500 (USD 7.4) and 1,000 from circulation his country is still reeling from the effects.

  • The problems behind Taiwan's 'Nazi parade' scandal

    A school event in Taiwan came to the forefront of international media last week. A group of students from a private high school wore self-fashioned Nazi uniforms and wielded swastika banners at their school's “Christmas and Thanksgiving Costume Parade” on December 23.

  • The Pakistani who missed the Nobel

    Looking through the list of Asia's greats who passed away in the year past, it is impossible to escape a sense of awe at their accomplishments even as you are struck by the realisation that ultimately, everyone is mortal.

  • 2017: Time for Asia to take risks

    A century ago, the 1917 Russian Revolution marked the end of the First World War, that changed the 20th century into a new divide between different ideologies.

  • Sexist politicians are a universal pain

    Let's stop blaming Trump for our misogynistic world. Even without him, there are plenty of men in leadership positions who think women are just fair game.