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  • Boots off the ground

    President Donald Trump's patience is apparently on the wane. Disagreeing with the views of some of his generals and strategic advisors, he intends to pull out of the unwinnable 17-year-old Afghan war.

  • Brexit: Is a debacle in the offing for the UK?

    With May 29, 2019—official deadline for Brexit negotiations with the European Union—looming large on the horizon, the UK looks set to face a political crisis not seen in recent history.

  • Embrace diversity or accept divorce

    Two major divorces are in the making in March. The obvious one is Brexit, which officially occurs on March 29. The other is the deadline for the US-China trade negotiations on March 1, when

  • Curtain down on 16th Lok Sabha but up on Indian poll script

    The coming parliamentary polls hung all over the political circles in the Indian capital on the last day of the final session of the outgoing 16th Lok Sabha on February 13.

  • Looking at some of the dynamics of India's Lok Sabha election

    Some historical glimpses shed a very interesting light on the enormous changes that have taken place in India's political landscape

  • Indian apex court works truce

    In the end, it was left to the Indian Supreme Court to bring down the political temperature which shot up furiously following the confrontation between the Mamata Banerjee government in West

  • Papal visit boosts UAE effort to redefine concepts of tolerance

    The United Arab Emirates is projecting itself as a leader of inter-communal and inter-faith harmony with the first ever visit by a Catholic pope to the Gulf and an inter-faith conference that is as much about dialogue as it is about absolute political control.

  • Venezuelan crisis is more than just a domestic issue

    Those who follow global events could not have failed to notice the tragic spectacle unfolding in Venezuela. The Latin American country has been riven by an internal political turmoil recently.

  • Modi government's last attempt at wooing voters

    The impending parliamentary elections was written large on the final budget of the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its current five-year tenure.

  • Mamata's return to the street

    In the run-up to India's parliamentary elections in April-May, a big political drama is being played out in front of Central Kolkata's

  • Venezuelans caught in cruel geopolitics

    Pundits are busy arguing over which next step suits which geopolitical rival the best in Venezuela, which player has scored the most so far, and who is likely to prevail in this mindless game of geopolitics till the end.

  • The geopolitics of National Register of Citizens in Assam

    India is witnessing the chaotic process of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) unfold in Assam.

  • Can hearts meet and hands hold in Indian opposition alliance?

    The two biggest talking points about the mega rally of anti-Bharatiya Janata Parties organised by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata on January 19 were

  • Mueller investigation and Trump's turbulent new year

    For the last couple of years or so, the special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of the possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 US Presidential Election has been in steady media limelight.

  • 200 Years Of Singapore: Looking back to chart a way forward

    The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see. So the late British Prime Minister and famed orator, Winston Churchill, is once supposed to have said.

  • Priyanka in the Congress poll gambit

    The biggest political news in India on January 23 was the formal induction of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in politics and her appointment in the key post of general secretary of the main opposition

  • A short history of fake news

    Fake news isn't what it used to be. Before President Trump seized and exploited the term, fake news consisted of plain old partisan propaganda, government disinformation, corporate PR and, least appreciated and most widespread, the press lazily acting as stenographers of power.

  • Dysfunctional superpowers on both sides of the Atlantic

    The greatest spectacle in the life of the US president—the annual State of the Union Address before a joint congress—is now uncertain as the continued non-essential-services shutdown of the US government is currently the longest on record at nearly a month.

  • Alliance signal from ground zero of India's electoral battle

    Politics, so goes the old adage, is the art of the possible. More so when it is the election season in India. In the build-up to the parliamentary elections just about

  • The never-ending wall stalemate

    A nail-biting drama is unfolding over US President Donald Trump's inflexible demand for a wall on the US-Mexico border and the Democratic-led Congress's equally resolute refusal to give him the money.

  • Syria's Kurds: The new frontline in confronting Iran and Turkey

    US President Donald J Trump's threat to devastate Turkey's economy if Turkish troops attack Syrian Kurds allied with the United States in the wake of the announced withdrawal of American forces potentially serves his broader goal of letting regional forces fight for common goals like countering Iranian influence in Syria.

  • Why the BJP badly needs allies

    Is the BJP searching for new allies ahead of the 2019 polls? Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent remarks in Chennai to his party workers give an indication that the saffron party is serious about alliances.

  • What does the future hold for Assam?

    It seems like “Yesterday Once More” in the political churn in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam. First, it is the National Register of Citizens (NRC) to weed out

  • Quota politics in Indian election season

    Quota politics has taken the centre stage ahead of fresh parliamentary elections due in April-May of this year. The Lok Sabha, the lower House, and the Rajya Sabha, the upper

  • Rethinking free trade agreements in uncertain times

    After US President Donald Trump withdrew from Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), involving 12 countries on the Pacific rim, on his first day in office, Japan, Australia and their closest allies proposed and promoted the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) to draw the US back into the region to counter China's fast-growing power and influence.

  • Delhi's psychedelic face masks

    I was in Delhi last month, partly for work and partly to devour the winter delicacies. Lately this city has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. One of them is air pollution—both the print and electronic media emphasising once more that it had again reached hazardous levels.

  • Rahul the politician comes of age

    In the last one year after taking over the reins of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi has gained in stature. His acceptability in the party is complete. A more confident and aggressive Gandhi has taken control of the organisation and is seen to be leading from the front.

  • 2018: The year of competing dangerously

    The year 2018 was not one of living dangerously, as most of us mere mortals want more than ever to live a quiet life. The year has also not been easy for any leader, as Theresa May knows all too well.

  • Farm loan waivers and political imperatives in India

    It is election season in India and it is raining sops for farmers, the most key segment of the electorate, in the form of farm loan waivers running into thousands of crores of Rupees.

  • India's bid for enhanced regional role

    Indian President Ram Nath Kovind's state visit to Myanmar (December 10-13) stood out among his other overseas forays in more ways than one. It brought out the full range of the strategic dimension of the ties between New Delhi and Naypyidaw that have slowly gathered in content over the years.