• garments worker

    Garment workers' struggle to find affordable housing

    The garments industry plays a crucial role in our economy. The welfare of the 4.2 million workers in this industry is vital for our achievement of middle-income status.

  • Linking inequality to social unrest: Can UN turn the tables?

    In a speech at the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) on March 6, 2019 in Geneva, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet spoke forcefully for combating inequalities in income and wealth.

  • Facebook, please change your business model!

    Facebook, please change your business model!

    Facebook is one of the largest technology companies in the world. However, the year 2018 was not the best one for Facebook,

  • Rethinking Poverty

    Why redefining the 'poverty line' is necessary

    As the new government in Bangladesh seeks to implement some of the promises it made during the last election campaign, this is an opportune moment for us to review some of our collective aspirations.

  • Some thoughts on RMG wages and the Spice Girls T-shirts controversy

    The wage level in Bangladesh's ready-made garments (RMG) sector has been the subject of a recent controversy with multiple participants: a British peer, a Bangladeshi-American scholar, the all-girls band Spice Girls of the UK, and two newspapers in the UK and Bangladesh.

  • Lessons from recent industrial disasters

    The costs of industrialisation are many. Human beings, wildlife, nature, the environment, and future generations often pay the price.

  • China and its recent technology problem

    Nowadays, hardly a day goes by without another news of Chinese technology companies running into trouble in North America,

  • How southern California fared amidst the recently lifted US government shutdown

    The US is currently in the midst of a semi-political crisis. The so-called “partial government shutdown” was put on a temporary hold on Friday as the Congress and the White House resume their negotiations over funding for a border wall.

  • The challenges to ensure safe water for all

    The Awami League Election Manifesto 2018 promises that many of the modern civic amenities I enjoy in Dhaka city or my ancestral home in Sylhet's Darga Mahallah will be available in every village.

  • Challenges in implementing the new government's manifesto

    Manifesto implementation main challenge”. Thus read the headline on the online edition of The Daily Star on January 7. It quoted the General Secretary of Awami League (AL) talking to reporters at Bangabhaban after the oath-taking ceremony of cabinet ministers.

  • Some unfinished business from last year

    Every year, around this time, I get the urge to write a column on the global economy or the outlook for the new year.

  • A mixed message from Poland

    From all accounts, it appears that COP24, the recently concluded climate summit held in Katowice, Poland, was a mixed success.

  • The urgent need for reforms at WTO

    The next biennial meeting of WTO's ministerial council will be held in June 2020 in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

  • A bonanza for the gaming industry during Christmas

    On December 11, the British Parliament will vote on a draft Brexit agreement which the government negotiated with the EU recently.

  • Home is not safe for women

    World Economic Forum's website had a headline saying “Why home is the least safe place to be a woman” as an introduction to a new report by the United Nations which chronicles widespread domestic violence and abuse perpetrated by husbands, current or former intimate partners or boyfriends, and lovers.

  • What's at stake?

    This week's G20 Summit to be held in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, will be keenly observed across the globe for several reasons. First, it comes amidst an ongoing trade war between US and China that appears to be getting out of hand and can be resolved only by direct intervention by its leaders.

  • Imran Khan and his 'Twitter War' with Trump

    Barely three months after he assumed the position of Pakistan's premiership, Imran Khan is fighting on many fronts to shore up the economy and overcome its financial troubles.

  • What if US withdraws from WTO!

    The US threatened on several occasions in recent years to walk out from the World Trade Organization (WTO), an intergovernmental organisation that regulates international trade.

  • Twin tragedies in California

    The gigantic headline printed across the entire front page of the Los Angeles Times on November 10, 2018, all in capital letters, was meant to grab the attention of the readers.

  • Election Day on the West Coast

    I voted in the recently concluded midterm elections early in my home state before I boarded the flight to Los Angeles. It's a family trip, but there was an added incentive for me too.

  • How do uncertain global events affect Bangladesh?

    My last column “Uncer-tainty and volatility in the coming years,” published on October 27, elicited some interesting feedback on social media.

  • Uncertainty and volatility in the coming years

    As the year 2018 gradually inches towards the finish line, there are many concerns about the next year. Is economic growth going to be as good as the last?

  • Call it carbon tax, fee, or dividend!

    Human consump-tion of fossil fuel is a significant contributor to climate change. Economists have for ages been advocating for a tax on carbon emissions to combat air pollution. The tax, popularly known as “carbon tax”, is levied on products that emit carbon and is one of the measures adopted by many countries to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel in an effort to address the threat of climate change.

  • Is it a crime to question the accuracy of official data?

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in his 2018 SDG progress report, while reporting major achievements in some areas, also emphasised in no uncertain terms the need for reliable data.

  • The Kavanaugh Affair

    Modern democracy is based on a few principles well-known to all but always worth reiterating in order to foster growth and participation of the electorate.

  • Can coal be used for cheap energy without harming the environment?

    Climate change will hit Bangladesh, and rising temperature and sea level will affect millions in both the short- and long-term. However, it has also embarked on a path to accelerate growth and achieve middle-income status in the immediate future.

  • The challenges of SDG financing

    It is now agreed by all that financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development programme to reach the SDG targets will be a tough challenge. On September 24, the Secretary-General of the United Nations,

  • Why do women get less pay than men?

    How long will women working the same job continue to earn less, sometimes 50 percent less, than men? And when do we expect this gap to go away?

  • Why wages don't rise with a tighter labour market

    As the US celebrated Labour Day on September 3, millions of the working majority were wondering what happened to the powerful labour unions or the promise of rising wages in a growing economy.

  • Brits in a fix over Brexit

    Prime Minister Theresa May recently was on a three-nation tour of Africa. Her first stop was South Africa, the first by a British prime minister since 2011. She then went on to Nigeria and Kenya, becoming the first British PM to visit the East African country in over 30 years.