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  • Reimagining the west bank of Dhaka

    Despite the usual gloomy narratives, there are opportunities to transform Dhaka into a modern but ecologically attuned metropolis. The transformation can be carried out with our own resources, and our own imagination.

  • When will urban planning get its due importance?

    The share of Bangladesh's urban population reached 35 percent in 2018 with a total urban population of about 58 million, which is expected to reach 80 million by 2030.

  • Growth, green growth and development

    The dictionary meaning of “growth” is “getting bigger”, in size or volume, whereas “development” is improvement in the quality of a system. It can be an individual, a community, or a nation.

  • Is Bangladesh ready for its urban future?

    Today, at least one in four people in Bangladesh lives in urban areas. And in 30 years, at least half of the country's population will be living in cities.

  • Dhaka needs a hydraulic vision

    Dhaka is a paradox. The more we build assuming we are “developing,” the more we dig ourselves into an urban mess: Transportation is a chaos. Travelling is a nightmare. Khals vanish, and roads turn to khals. Public space is non-existent. Housing is in disarray.