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  • The State of Extracurriculars

    The ECA scene in Bangladesh has changed drastically over the past few years, and with it, our feelings towards them.

  • Respect Begins at Home

    We have a serious problem: People in our society do not see women as human.

  • To be an older sibling

    The role of an older sibling isn't as straightforward as that of a parent. You're more of a friend than a parent.

  • Living with Autism

    Even though children with autism are a part of the youth and society, we fail to include and invite them in our lives.

  • A Crisis in Communication

    In the flux of staying cooped up and moving to a new virtual reality, we ask: are our communication skills lagging behind?

  • Where is the music?

    For a while, fans were satisfied with listening to their favourite music on online platforms. Now it is a question if artists are able to retain that connection with fanbases.

  • The Lessons of Online Learning

    Online learning has drawn criticism in Bangladesh primarily due to our unfamiliarity surrounding the concept, having never been attempted before in this magnitude.

  • Stemming from Childhood

    Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. When and where to begin?

  • Port City Portraits

    The hills and the sea cradle with love those who have to constantly hustle in search of a living, the monotony of city life is interjected with the memories of life in a beautiful city.

  • Graphic Design Is My Passion.

    What is graphic designing? Although it's a term we hear often, most of us are unaware of what graphic designing actually is and what a job in this field really entails.


    Different businesses, competitions, events and campaigns have the word thrown in using funky fonts, graffiti-style designs and forceful use of teen lingo to try to appeal to the younger crowd. But who is this... youth?

  • How Much Content Is Too Much?

    It's not like you couldn't find anything to watch; there's just too many of it.

  • All About Cakes

    Cakes seem to bring everyone together. As I grew up, I realised it wasn't just the taste I enjoyed, it was the art that cakes are. It might sound funny or even dramatic to someone who doesn't understand the art that it is and the beauty it holds.

  • How Facebook has failed us

    One of the major turning points leading to social media reaching the heights it has today was the creation of Facebook. However, the platform that we had such high hopes for has unfortunately let us (its users) down.

  • The Gap Year Conundrum

    Gap years, contrary to what it is portrayed like in the media, is a consommé of two teaspoons of feeling lost, a pinch of a limbo, and a whole cup of learning how to be an adult, simmered till nice and clear. Real easy on paper, real easy for everything to go wrong.

  • The Uncertainty in Education Abroad

    Students who were once confident about getting that acceptance letter from their dream universities now find themselves grappling with an uncertain time that seems to get worse with every passing day.


    Right from where you live to what you eat to the number of board exams you have to take in school to even the quality of the air you breathe in is impacted by politics, and being in denial of that is dangerous both for you and others surrounding you.

  • Hashtags

    The first-ever conference for hashtags is held to give them a chance to meet old friends and make new ones, mingle, betray, and network. Our coverage of the conference begins with a conversation among some influential hashtags. Enjoy.

  • A Life Spent on Rooftops

    This place of whatever square metres is a cure to everything, a sanctuary whenever one needs it; for privacy or some fresh air the balcony can't compensate.

  • Education 101: The New Normal?

    Freshman year is when students expect to navigate through the untouched terrains of a new environment and educational system. It is also considered a time when academic pressure is the least. However, due to Covid-19, the present and the future look very different for the newly admitted.

  • Leading by Example

    Amidst the chaos of Covid-19, many young individuals have dedicated themselves to the service of the disadvantaged, to selflessly support anyone and everyone.


    After all, what's Eid without the fight for salami?

  • BANGLADESH ONLINE UNIVERSITY (BOU): Excellence out of Necessity

    BOU promises to deliver world-class quality education to its students while making sure that they do not have to step outside the safety of their own humble abodes.


    Ever since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, horrifying news has become an overwhelming yet regular part of our lives.

  • Fighting the Infodemic

    As people reading these might have already guessed, these behaviours have been influenced by information regarding the coronavirus outbreak. However, a more accurate thing to say would be misinformation or misguided ideas about the global pandemic.

  • New Type of Ramadan in 2020 during pandemic

    A New Ramadan

    Covid-19 continues to haunt our daily lives. Different events and mass gatherings are either cancelled or have been postponed indefinitely due to the high risk posed by the coronavirus.

  • Stories of 71

    To this day, many stories from our Liberation War of 1971 remain untold, unheard of, yet passing down generations. Far from the battlegrounds, these are stories of our friends and families on the home front.

  • How women are excluded at workplaces

    ​“Everyone should be given the opportunity to make bonds and express themselves in the workplace regardless of gender or any other demographic.


    Maliha Rahmat took a lab course for Environmental Science at North South University (NSU). She shares, “The course had seven or eight days of classes but there were no exams or tests and no marks for any practical work.


    Close your eyes. You are a girl and at a public place. Look around, sit next to a woman. You are not supposed to sit randomly next to an unknown man, or any man for that matter.