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  • LIFE lessons from the streets of Dhaka

    Life in Dhaka can have a lot to offer. Warm street food on a cold winter night, vibrant rickshaw art in every corner, air pollution that will end us all in due time, and old, historical streets brimming with new life are just some of its offerings.

  • A Winter Wonderland

    “Gather around, folks. We hope you’re enjoying your day at our amusement park. I know you’re all excited for your turn inside our newest attraction.

  • Is it Dhaka or is it Westeros?

    Life in Dhaka is much more than just incessant traffic and countless restaurants. In fact, if you looked closely you would find that we have more in common with a fictional medieval kingdom than what appears to the naked eye. Yes, I am talking about Westeros.

  • Survival tactics in Nilkhet

    Ah Nilkhet. The favourite foraging ground of many Bangladeshi bibliophiles, occasional book readers, and students desperate to find the course books they need for their semester.

  • Experiences you miss out on when you're FROM Dhaka

    Being from Dhaka means you've probably experienced a few perks all your life, like empty roads during Eid. However, it also means that you've missed out on some experiences that sound like they would be fun.

  • Articles people want me to write

    Being a writer, something you get asked quite often is “Why don't you write about that?” Everyone has an opinion on what would make a “good” article.

  • 5 Types of People on a Bus

    Have you ever been in a bus where there wasn't a 50 year old person trying to convince the bus conductor he was a student and therefore should pay half?