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  • Things you shouldn't do on a river cruise

    It's not just limited to a river cruise. As long as you are on a vessel that can float on water and is carrying you and others from one point to another across a water body, it is best if you avoid doing certain things that might take the fun out of the ride.

  • The DOs and DON'Ts of club activities

    Some people join clubs for the ultimate purpose of socialising and creating a network. Others look at it as an opportunity to develop skills through practical supply of output, albeit in a formulaic way.


    We have all wanted to fly since the first time we saw a plane fly over our heads when we were kids. But whether we're 15 or 25, we're all a little nervous before our first flight. So, this is to let you know it isn't really a big deal.


    Tell me, is it really that hard to put off disposing your empty chips packet till you reach a waste bin? Don't say yes in your head just to be contrary.