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How to raise your Economics CGPA. For real.

From the moment I had stepped into the chapters of a university, life has firmly fastened itself to the tracks of a rollercoaster and not just any regular rollercoaster, but the sort that causes a boom and a recession. 

If you are still unable to understand what I'm trying to convey here then do excuse me. Embarking on a four year journey with economics has left me a little odd and a little bald. But as you'll read in my blurb far below that I only complain about it occasionally.

Anyway, this also necessitated people reacting in gasps or wide open eyes whenever I mentioned my major and that I have managed to maintain a good average so far. Here, I'll tell you how to do just that so read on. 


Now, the first thing that you need to change about your life is to incorporate graphs as much as you can. Be it the simple and innocent PPF or a more complicated one like the Keynesian Curve from hell. It does not matter. Make your life about graphs and not about dogs on social media. Once you develop the confidence, you can create your own graphs depicting your personal life. For instance, my favourite would be the “depression against hours spent on economics” graph. Obviously it's a positive slope and the curve is exponentially rising. *screams internally*


Honestly, I know how hard it can be to keep yourself from dozing off in an economics class. Most of the faculty members of this arena consider us miniature PhD holders like themselves whereas we still struggle with a slight shift of the demand curve. You record their lectures not to make some A1 notes but to listen to it as lullaby. You may have even realised it could be a cure for insomnia. But you have to punch yourself awake because all these droning lectures actually contain the secrets of how the world runs or limps. 


Every time someone expresses worry and shock whenever I tell them about economics, I feel a sense of joy and pride besides that chill of fear running down my spine. Try to make this your superpower and bask in its glory. Have posters and other merchandise printed with badass quotes and references about this discipline. People will respect you when you strut by with a T-shirt on that says “Game of Theories” instead of the obvious. Throw parties for all your geeky course mates and form your own little group where you fangirl about John Nash and Adam Smith. Also, get a theory tattooed. 


Try to introduce some colours and visuals to your notes for whatever that you jot down and you'll be able to recall all the details during a test. Also, the variations would make it less painful to go through them. Step up your game by following all those YouTube channels related to economics and please note that the professors don't actually bite if you ask for help. Economics is conceptual so there is nothing much to memorise. Let the motivation come to you by rewarding yourself with food every time you understand a concept. When things get really tough, comfort yourself with the thought of how Tasnim chachi will stop bragging about her medicine studying daughter once you graduate with a good score. That should do it. 

Follow these steps and you will emerge a winner. No guarantees though – if you have chosen this to be your field of study like me then accept the fact that now there is no turning back. Regrets will only take you to the refrigerator, nowhere else. As the great Adam Smith once said, “You only live once, my dudes.”

Iqra suffers from wanderlust, dreams of discovering the Loch Ness Monster and occasionally complains about Economics. Tell her to get a life at or

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