FABLE FACTORY | The Daily Star
  • Farewell

    Goodbye, old friend. It was great while you were here,


    “When are we going to the farmhouse?” “I don’t know.”

  • The Sky Looms In

    The clouds crumbled and poured, turning KORT dark. Bags after bags rolled in, umbrellas after umbrellas strolled in.


    I didn’t know who I was, May be a broken star,

  • Midnight Train

    Every day at 3 AM I’d see her. She’d be in the second compartment of the subway sitting with her legs crossed with a book in her hand. Always with a book in her hand. She’d sit so perfectly and so still, you’d mistake her for a china doll. If she did not occasionally flip the pages of her book, I would actually think so. Even when she flipped the pages she’d do so with the utmost grace.

  • Zoned out

    “You’re not listening to me, are you?” he asks, clearly disappointed. Ugh, I zoned out again.


    You call and tell me to leave in a hurry,

  • Searching for you

    A sigh escapes my mouth again as I unknowingly get back to looking for you.


    Telephone wires do not exist anymore. They went extinct in my house

  • Warrior

    “Fool!” he typed on his keyboard, with fervor and angst. He knew he was right. He knew they were in the wrong.


    “It is my firm belief that I, Verico Moname, am a rational educated human being who doesn’t allow her life to be ruled or ruined by myths she heard about in her first grade Math class.”

  • To My Sister

    My sister, when born, was so very thin.

  • The Silent Platform

    It’s middle of the night. I’m staring at the restless lady with sweaty temple waiting for her train. May be she’s enjoying solitude or getting bored with it.

  • Where do leopards go when forests burn?

    When fires hold the earth captive and the trees grow alive dancing Like fiery beacons,

  • Unrequited Love

    “What brings out your strongest and frailest version out of yourself? “

  • The Wait

    He looked onwards at the sky. A long, hopeful stare. As if the longer he stared into the beautiful blue sky, the faster she would be here.


    “Eva, tell me something?” “Yes,” I breathed.


    The ocean roars and the sky above Breaks open and reveals the birds

  • At the End of the World

    We’re running as fast as possible. You’re pulling ahead just a little and in the middle of fearing for our lives, I’m suddenly hit with the

  • White Clouds

    It started with a sudden breeze in the middle of a not so pelting monsoon.

  • Women

    I store my tears in a jar,

  • Double shot espresso

    I hadn’t slept for days and I could feel my body finally giving in and drifting away. It felt like I was in a dream when I heard the phone ring. I patiently waited for the ringing to stop then closed my eyes. It hurt to even keep them open at this point. But, there it was

  • Monsters of the Forest

    It was a rainy afternoon when Rafid and I were looking at the rain and thinking about the things that went wrong in our last film. The two of us along with Sakib, Fariha and Fahim had just shot a film with a famous director over the last few months.

  • Blur

    Anik blames the alarm on his phone for failing to wake him up at 7 AM despite him snoozing it 3 times. He decided to skip shower since it will take him at least an hour to reach his office in Gulshan from his home in Shegun Bagicha thanks to the morning traffic. He

  • The Hills of Bandarban

    The hills of Bandarban, The emerald slopes,

  • Abby’s Dream

    Once there lived a girl called Abby Rocket. She was a very good girl and everything she did, she did it with all her heart.

  • The writer and his muse

    Luna scrutinised the twenty-nine page long script with yearning eyes, waiting to find herself laced amidst the phrases.

  • An Ode to a Lifelong Friend

    Tonight, Mother put her arms around me And she hugged me tight,


    “The winter was too chilling. And blank, somehow. In the background, there was no blaring music, and the morning felt like someone had taken the salt out of an almost perfect chotpoti.

  • City of Strangers

    Hello, dear old friend. Even after so many years you never fail to marvel me through your surprising change of attire at the transition from day to night. We are no longer strangers, not after the countless sleepless nights we shared, though sometimes I cannot help wishing