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  • Why I love romantic comedies

    If you tell someone that you're a fan of the romance genre, the worst that can happen is that the person will take you for a hopeless romantic, which, to be honest, isn't even a bad thing. But, God forbid anyone ever finds out that you like romantic comedies.

  • An Avengers Fight: As Told By Civilians

    The existence of the Avengers is no longer a fairytale. They are here to protect us from the evil forces residing in the universe. We are already more or less familiar with their stories. But, what about the civilians on the sidelines who have to witness and endure the frequent chaos and destruction? These are their stories.

  • 4 Must-watch Subtitled Films

    Here's a list of four films from different countries and times that should convince you to read while watching a movie.

  • My Bicycle

    Aung Rakhaine, a film activist, makes his debut with Mor Thengari (My Bicycle). An event from his childhood forms the central element of the story: a bicycle and how it affected the lives of the people in the Hill Tracts.