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  • Keeping Fit and Healthy In Ramadan

    Twelve plus hours of fasting for 30 days is usually enough reason to just give up trying to stay fit in Ramadan. However, it's not exactly impossible (just really difficult). So here's how you could manage both those things while staying holy.

  • Why I avoid restaurant iftar offers

    Let's face it: when Ramadan rolls around, the thing we most look forward to is the food. After fasting all day, the last thing you want is an underwhelming iftar, and I believe a majority of restaurants provide just that.

  • “Unhealthy” foods that are actually good for you

    It's about time someone told you that eating chocolates isn't really all that bad for you. Read on to learn about how all the “unhealthy” food that you have been avoiding all this while is actually good for you.

  • Nuts the superfood

    If I had to pick an all-around superfood, it would definitely be nuts. Small, simple and yet, they hold such edible greatness. Let's take a

  • Meenu Apa

    Menstruation. The word maybe a very common biological term but it's definitely in many people's lists of cringe-worthy terminology.