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  • Here’s why you should break up on Valentine’s Day

    You’ve heard of bitter people, but have you heard of people who’ve broken up on Valentine’s Day? I’m not saying I’ve heard of them or that I am a bitter person, but I thought about this a bit and with surprising ease, could come up with a bunch of reasons on why it’d be a good idea to break up on Valentine’s Day.

  • Retiring from football as a fan

    It’s 2019, and if you are a football fan, you can easily tell that it’s not really the best time to be a supporter of Manchester United or Argentina when it comes to football.

  • Phases of Tragedy Admission Season

    People say when bad times hit you, it doesn’t all hit you at once, it happens in phases. So, let’s take a look into one of the most significant yet traumatising phases that you have faced or will face in your life. Three people with three different goals tell their story, and at the end of the day, they’re all just sad.

  • My first time as a koshai

    It’s finally time. Year after year of having my authority questioned, of being belittled and humiliated by my own family, I’m going to

  • Where not to look for a girlfriend

    Curiosity lead us to space and the desire to make life easier drives us towards newer innovations every day. Then there is the bitter

  • Cinderella: An MUN Story

    Once upon a time, there was a smart and curious girl named Cinderella, who wanted to change the world with her thoughtful yet

  • What your relatives think of your major

    One of the best parts of the Eid holidays is getting to see your loved ones. For all the people that go back to their ancestral homes,

  • Why lungi needs to make a comeback

    What defines 'perfect' apparel? Is it the comfort it brings? Or perhaps it is the aesthetic it brings to your everyday look? Or maybe it's the protection it can give you to survive a nuclear winter?

  • The other side of losing weight

    Health-wise, it is the best possible outcome that one can hope for. Months (sometimes years) of hard work and maintaining a lifestyle that forced you to take an oath against enjoying the food that you basically lived for (or die of eventually) finally paying off.

  • Words thrown around loosely

    Language is an ever-changing thing. With the constantly evolving digital communication platforms, language has experienced immense transformation.

  • Gym Stereotypes Busted

    Joining a gym is almost always one of those things that people keep postponing. It's either “I don't have the time for it right now”, or “Do I really need to waste money on a gym?

  • Dealing with a bad haircut

    Nobody said it was easy; no one ever said it would be so hard. Ending up with a bad haircut is not a choice that we make. It's just fate and the barber's own creativity that mess things up for us. But what's done is done. Now cometh the hard part: how are you gonna handle it?


    Good afternoon, my dear fellow languages. I would like to thank you all for accepting my invitation and coming to Bangladesh for observing the International Mother Language Day

  • Types of Children in Horror Movies

    Since directors have mastered the art of using delightful creatures to haunt our nightmares, you'll often find children playing terrifying roles in horror movies.

  • Trapped in a Hindi serial

    I open my eyes slowly, my mind buzzing with a myriad of thoughts, dreading at the thought of going to classes but… my room looks different.


    I'm unfortunate enough to have been in a wide spectrum of zones: the dude zone, bro zone, even apu zone. If you think those are bad, I'm here to burst your bubble just as how mine crashed down upon me as I, a 19-year-old, was called by a new title recently: auntie.

  • Convincing people to join a fandom

    Urban Dictionary defines fandom as "a cult that will destroy your life". If you think about it hard enough, fandoms truly are cults only with more drama and fan fictions than actual purpose.

  • A day in the life of a buff Bollywood guy

    This cannot be happening again. It's the third day in a row. What does a guy have to do to find a shirt around here?

  • Why second visits are better

    First visits to any holiday destination can be great. However, quite often on the first visit, people run into unanticipated hurdles.

  • How a 10 step skincare routine video changed my life

    The one thing about being a teenager I absolutely hated was the explosion of acne all over my face. Worrying about my skin and why it could not be as perfect as the models' on magazines was something that fed into my insecurities about myself. Even a few years ago, YouTube and YouTubers were not the big deal that they are today so I did not know

  • People at art exhibitions

    Unless you're Patrick and have been living under a rock, you've visited at least one art exhibition in your life. Which category of gallery-goers do you fall under?


    If you're reading this article, there are two possible reasons why you might be doing that. Either 1) you're only here to have some laughs and/or relate to your own situation, or 2) you have just gotten enrolled into a university and you are curious to know if your campus seniors are really machines with an impressive output of academic notes or 'sensible' advisors.

  • An open letter to sleep

    See, the thing is, you are probably confused. Do not worry, I am not blaming you. I know it is me; I keep confusing you. What I am trying to tell you is that during the weekdays I really need to sleep early because the devil created those 8 AM classes and unfortunately, I have to attend them. So I need you to cooperate with me.

  • Struggles of the Bollywood Obsessed

    For those of us who are swept up in the world of Bollywood, we live for the dance numbers, the dramatic monologues and montages of flashback sequences accompanied by emotionally exploitative music. The harsh truth of reality is that life doesn't exactly pan out like a Bollywood movie. As Bollywood fans, we have to go through certain struggles

  • Weird demands your faculty members make

    We have all heard the stories our seniors told us about how amazing university life is. How the torture ends after college, how university life is all about hanging out with friends, attending concerts and sitting in a coffee shop with friends and drinking overpriced and overhyped beverages.

  • People as pitha

    With the Bangladeshi winter rearing its humid, stagnant, cold head (seriously, you just won't feel it until you move) closer to our faces, you will notice a certain variety of localised rice cake that nearly every Bangladeshi loves to gorge themselves with.

  • Understanding People From the Way They Code

    This article will help you decode yourself.

  • Stages of deciding where to eat

    With the huge stack of things to stress about in university life, choosing a place to eat with your friends poses as the cherry on top. Be it lunch breaks, cancelled classes or someone's birthday, deciding on restaurants has proven to be a neverending struggle that most of us face on a daily basis. Hence, the following is a list of stages that make up this gruesome process.

  • Types of people you find at a meeting

    If you're not interested in meetings, perhaps you would be more willing to discover the various people who show up (or at times don't) at the meeting.

  • A mad descent into Indian soap operas

    That one fateful day began like any other. I was in one of my many stages of being a freeloader by wandering about the house with my eyes glued to my phone, thumb on autopilot scrolling through senseless memes.