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  • Life lessons from inanimate objects

    We all have different opinions on the activity of shopping. If I were to generalise my own, it would have three staples: children throwing tantrums, mothers being true warriors with their bargaining, and a variety of paraphernalia with incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo written on them.

  • Studying Abroad: The myths debunked

    I’m a big nerd, I like to do my research and prepare for whatever is coming my way. I was fairly confident that I was ready as I travelled to faraway lands to get my undergrad degree. Alas, I soon realised my confidence was misplaced as my beliefs began to shatter.

  • Which O Level essay to write

    The creative writing section of the O Level English exam may seem daunting to most people. The ideas need to be extremely original and raw, straight out of the depths of a person’s mind.

  • Misconceptions from action movies

    It may be safe to say that action movies are liked, even loved, by the majority of the general population. Action movies, when they are well-executed...

  • When a book isn’t the answer

    If you’re thinking about the title of this article, let me clarify: I’ve always believed the opposite.

  • The Culture of Piracy in Our Institutions

    As students, we are repeatedly reminded to not plagiarise our work. We are asked to reference all concepts we utilize from any source we peruse, as we should.

  • Realisations that hit us too late at university

    You know how we always realise the mistakes we make only when it is too late for us to undo them? Well, it turns out that this instinctive habit of ours ends up haunting our university life as well.

  • From the Graam to the Gram

    Alone on the outskirts of Cumilla city is the home of Hamidul Faader, an up-and-coming politician.

  • Things you can do in a business competition but not in an arranged marriage

    The resemblance between the two is uncanny no matter how you think about it. Yet, when you rally all your brain cells together and think deeply enough, you will realise how the two are not so different from one another yet, why one of them might be better than the other.

  • How to rekindle a faded friendship

    At one point or another, as we grow older, we will come to the realisation that we're not as close with a certain someone as we used to be. A person that you used to spend every day with has somehow turned into a stranger.

  • Celebrity Obsession

    Being a fan of someone's work is absolutely fine. It's healthy even, to a certain extent, since it helps liven up our otherwise monotonous daily schedules.

  • Jobs from the past, today

    We have read online that our jobs will no longer exist 40 years into the future because of rapid changes in technology and society. Besides scaring us, this thought also leads us to wonder what life would be like if jobs from the past - and jobs currently at the threat of extinction - continue to shape our days.

  • Trends worth starting

    Trends have no positive outcomes other than the inflation of egos of the trend followers. Therefore, we should strive to start trends that are in the best interest of the people

  • To Seenzone or Un-seenzone

    The way we interact with each other has changed and taken many faces in the passing of time. Cavemen wrote on walls and used different sounds that would seem unfathomable to us but somehow made sense to them.

  • When you have a curfew at home

    Although some parents are slightly more lenient than others, most of them are very strict about the curfews they impose on their children. We have all had to deal with curfews and questions like ''Where are you going?

  • You're Allowed To Be Stressed - Last Minute HSC Preparation

    The most stressful period of my life by far has been the time I sat for my HSC. It was the worst of times, and no, in no way was it the best of times. I sort of scraped through it in 2017, and having had two years to reflect upon (read: recover from) this crazy ordeal, there are a couple of things I'd like to share.

  • Making a Case For the News

    Who needs more mundane updates about the world when your own life is stressful enough? Surely a dose of environmental disasters, pictures of one foreign leader shaking hands with another, and news of a Chinese robot mastering yet another task that makes you less valuable as a human being isn't going to lift your spirits at the start of the day.

  • Of Spring and Books

    “What I say is, a town isn't a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it's got a bookstore, it knows it's not foolin' a soul.” – Neil Gaiman.

  • Confessions of an online shopping addict

    My love for not leaving my bed coupled with my crippling social anxiety has made home delivery my number one go-to for any kind of purchase. Be it food, clothing, or beauty products, you can bet your hopefully-more-active-butt-than-mine that I won't be heading out to physically buy any of it.

  • Utilising your university resources

    Your university courses will require you to go through piles of books every semester. There will even be courses where you need more than one book.

  • Jewellery for the soul

    Politicians like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton use jewellery to project a certain image, many brides in South Asian countries wear, or are made to wear...

  • Struggles of the Mathematically Challenged

    I have never been great at math. Let's just get that out of the way. Am I the one who looks around helplessly to friends when the waiter approaches with the bill because I have no clue what my share is?

  • Honest Beauty Pageant Responses

    Beauty pageants were always an interesting affair, even before the Miss Bangladesh contest propelled them to national attention.

  • The silver lining of living with your parents

    Growing up we have all glorified the idea of moving out of our parent's homes and into our own abodes. Be it the ban on pets or the rigid

  • A day in the life of a traffic light

    Today I saw a little girl holding her mother's hand and trying to cross the road. I think she was going to school.

  • Phobias you don't know you have

    Were you one of those kids in school who bragged about not having any fears? Smirked at people and shamed them for being afraid of heights or spiders? Well, chances are you're not exactly Braveheart yourself. Here's a list of uncommon phobias you may actually have but aren't aware of yet.

  • Stages of using Internet Explorer

    One sunny afternoon, I notice the icons on my computer and started reminiscing about the days I used to use Internet Explorer.

  • Bad artist habits to avoid

    Being an artist is hard. It requires an immense amount of patience and determination and sometimes we develop bad habits which make it even harder. A few of these have been discussed below.

  • This is how you become a good listener

    It's nice to be heard, and even nicer to be a good listener for a friend, at least for the friend. Many of us think we are good listeners, but in reality we are not. In fact, many of us are absolutely terrible listeners and don't even realise it. This problem can, however, be fixed.

  • A rant on rush trips

    Before we criticise and praise the different aspects of a “rush trip”, we need to define it. Any trip that tries to cover multiple distant places in the shortest possible timeframe and the least possible expense can be regarded as a rush trip.