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  • How to successfully avoid weddings

    There comes a time when you just can't take weddings anymore. Yes, no degree of pestering and no amount of promised kacchi can keep you from not attending these events.

  • Things to remember before forming a clique

    It might be an ordinary group of K-pop enthusiasts enjoying music and bashing haters on social media or it might be a purpose group to preach the exquisiteness of pineapple on pizza. Whatever purpose your clique might have, it is always helpful to remember a few details before you actually decide to form one.

  • It's time to wake up

    I was born not long ago, created by the very brilliant minds of their kind. Although created initially with an aim to improve and facilitate various aspects of life

  • Talking about mental health: The cracks and slips

    Does talking about self-harm make matters worse? If these conversations are avoided, people who are suffering will be even more reluctant to talk about what they are going through.

  • Real life implementation of tech features

    Yes, wishful thinking. But the writer here is immensely optimistic and hopelessly imaginative.

  • Interactive shows

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch introduced the world to a completely different form of media consumption, as compared to more traditional media.

  • Survival guide for the Dhaka International Trade Fair

    For some people, a new year brings in hope of self-improvement. For some, it brings in new possibilities. For the rest, there is the Dhaka International Trade Fair. Of these three, two of the events never really happen while the third one is a game of survival the guide to which is presented below.

  • The phenomenon of cognitive dissonance

    Cognitive dissonance might sound like one of those fancy terms that you learn in school or university, which you will never have to use in your real life; the reality of cognitive dissonance, however, has quite a significant effect in our lives.

  • What happens at reunions Expectations vs Reality

    A few weeks ago, I was taking a stroll by Dhanmondi Lake, waiting for a friend I hadn't seen in months. We had been planning the reunion for a long time.

  • Stages of owning a pet

    The increasing number of people who have started to appreciate keeping a pet is an indication that having one is a way of life now. The bond that we share with our pets is a rare one and overtime they become a part of our family.

  • Conversation topics to avoid on family trips

    The goal is to avoid these talking points at all costs and thus, save the little-so-dignity you might have among your family members and relatives.

  • Life's many theme songs

    Ever imagined your life as a sitcom or movie with an amazing backing track playing throughout? From more mellow tracks during the ordinary moments, to more hard hitting ones when things start getting intense.

  • Go bananas over bananas

    The banana is a simple yet delicious fruit. But there is far more to it than meets the eye, or tongue. Bananas come with numerous benefits and traits that you might not take notice of at first. But upon further reflection, the wonders of this delightfully succulent fruit start to unveil. Here are all the reasons that make bananas the king of all food.

  • The types of brainstormers in every session

    As per definition, it's to 'hold a group discussion to produce ideas'. Personally, if I were to define brainstorming, it would be 'holding a group discussion where chaos ensues until the least expected person comes up with something meaningful'.

  • Making public commutes safer for women

    For any working woman or student, having to use public transportation is the bane to their life. A study conducted by BRAC shows that 94 percent of women commuting in public transport have faced harassment in verbal, physical, and other forms.

  • Ways to get out of caffeine dependency

    Having the option to turn to coffee to help with pulling an all-nighter during exams, or make a steaming cup of tea to kick start the morning all fresh and

  • Things that should not exist in university life

    For someone who has just finished his freshman year of university life, the idea that I have had for a very long time even before entering this new phase, has gone through drastic changes.

  • Irrational demands we make of others

    In life, humans have the annoying habit of trying to get more out of everything. That almost empty tube of toothpaste, the promo code that we've used 67 times and is about to run out today, or even people. We often make demands and requests that are insane, almost impossible to meet and at times, really annoying.

  • A day in the life of a cell phone battery

    What…? Ow, it's morning already? It's almost 6 am. Robin's alarm is gonna go off any minute now. So, it's a Tuesday. Let me just check her plans for today.

  • Surviving High School for the Socially Awkward

    A lot of people say that high school has been the best time of their lives. While this may be true, it doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. Usually the people who

  • Stress and studying: Five tips to make it all work for you

    It is not easy being a student at this time of the year. With O Levels and SSC exams set for early next year, surviving these few weeks is a true test of perseverance and patience.

  • Types of people in a group chat

    There are certain things in life that are unavoidable: your mid-life crisis, incessant complaints from your parents on your smartphone usage, and logging into your default messenger app to find out that you've been added to another unwanted and pointless group conversation.

  • Habits that damage the quality of our writing

    Good grammatical skills and knowledge in vocabulary can take you a long way when it comes to professional writing. However, there are certain habits we develop while writing, habits that can affect the quality of the write-ups.

  • The Types of Ridesharing Drivers

    Ridesharing services have recently become a popular alternative to public transportation. As such, I have encountered a wide variety of drivers through ride sharing services that gave me quite an insight into human nature.

  • YouTube's weirdest corners

    Daily media consumption has become an integral part of our lives. In the past decade, we've moved from consuming traditional to more digital media; cable TV rolled over into irrelevance as YouTube entered into more and more homes with the mass availability of faster internet.


    Bookstores are like literary heaven for readers. And as readers, there are always a few bookstores that become our happy place over time.

  • The benefits of keeping a diary

    My cousin gave me a beautiful notebook for my eighth birthday. The pages had a woody fragrance and looked like the parchments we see in the Harry Potter films.

  • Breaking out of a procrastination cycle

    You're two hours away from your deadline. You sit at your desk and realise that a cup of coffee will give you a kick start. You drink your coffee while watching a video on YouTube as you tell yourself you're cashing in on your break now and you won't be taking any breaks later.

  • Here's how you become a good listener

    Is there anything more irritating than an inattentive listener? Imagine telling a story, but the only reaction you are met with is your audience staring at their phones.

  • How to not do your chores

    We dread it, we run from it. But mother dearest will appear. And she will hand us a list of chores that will make you roll our eyes and mumble, “Why me?” to our divine deities.