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  • The Fault in Our JILAPIS

    Sugar syrup, ghee, flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and lots of oil. These are the ingredients brought together to make sweet and swirly pieces of sugar-dripping dough famously known as jilapi, perhaps the most loved sweetmeat in this part of the world.

  • Why fandoms are important

    Being a 90s girl, I'm accustomed to forming mutual bonds with people over books, TV shows, movies, music, and other forms of pop culture from that decade. To be precise, I'm a flagbearer of fandoms. However, one thing I usually notice these days especially from people who consider themselves 'not-too-mainstream' is a sort of disdain for the whole fandom culture. Those of us fanboying/fangirling are labelled as childish, frivolous, or social media attention seekers with nothing better to do.

  • Things you don't learn at an MUN

    If you google the actual definition you will see that it is termed as an educational simulation through which you will develop leadership skills and can learn about diplomacy and international relations. Ideally that should have been the case. However, it's not . Why? To understand that you will have to know how MUNs are actually promoted and what goes on during the conference.

  • Guide to Competitive Software Demonstrations

    Firstly, know that your software – a mobile or desktop app, a website or an API – will probably be overshadowed by projects more hardware-oriented, like a robot or an Internet of Things (IoT) device. The reason is simple: it looks better in a stall. You can clearly see the judges' eyes glittering with excitement when they see a mechanical hand being all robot-y and whatnot, flinging itself here and there while

  • Ramadan Timetable 2018

    Keeping up with the Ramadan Timetable

    Ramadan is something we all look forward to each year. With the holy month upon us, we are bound to become indulged in certain thoughts and activities including preparations for the month itself. These preparations are not just limited to iftar, sehri, and Eid, but include something that poses as a major issue almost every year during Ramadan. That issue is adjusting your timetable for this one month.

  • Batman villains as annoying friends

    One of the many things that made Batman so popular are the intriguing, infuriating and sometimes questionable villains who make the lives of Batman and the residents of Gotham so miserable. Today, these villains are no longer confined to the pages of comic books. You can see them everywhere now, from t-shirts to billboards to movie screens, and sometimes, in your very own friends.

  • What horrible Disney mothers can make you realise about your own mother

    For once, I feel that Mother's Day should be celebrated by also imagining and recalling how horrible some mothers can be along with how amazing they almost always are. And there's no better way to do this than to use a childhood staple of millions: Disney.

  • Struggles of being a quiet person

    While being a quiet person is appreciated, it does not always invite good things. Here are some struggles you can relate to only if you're more of an observer than a speaker.

  • Spoiler Culture Friend Or Foe?

    You're having an average day browsing the Internet, where you spend most of your time. You aimlessly scroll through memes, self-indulgent photos with equally self-indulgent captions, more memes, etc. This is seemingly another one of the countless days where you waste your time on the Internet but then… you see it. Your eyes widen with horror, your lungs automatically initiate a dramatically sharp intake of breath, your soul goes through the 7 stages of grief in the fraction of a second. Yes, you have stumbled upon a spoiler.

  • How to deal with friends who always crack bad puns

    There's always that one friend, or if you're unlucky, a bunch of them, who has this unshakable urge to come up with mind-numbingly bad jokes on a daily basis. To them, the world is a playground consisting of an abundance of words with different forms of available wordplay opening doors to countless possibilities.

  • The introvert's guide to meeting the parents

    Seems unbelievable, right? You, the introvert, have actually taken a spare moment to not indulge in the modern hermit's delights for cats and music, and get out for once. You take a walk in the park and spot a person who takes your

  • Can you really do anything you want to?

    There's a prevalent narrative which states that people are capable of doing whatever they put their minds to, that following your passion is paramount to achieving your dreams. As good as it feels to be hopeful for the future and be inspired, let's step back and contemplate on this notion.

  • Woman vs. Street

    On today's episode, I shall be venturing into the streets of Dhaka to get from point A to point B. For those of you who are unaware, the streets are a battlefield. There are creatures lurking around on the streets in these parts that ogle you, leer at you, grope you, shout obscenities at you, etc. The list is truly endless. Even so, they somehow keep coming up with newer ways to distress you. My challenge today will be to walk around 4 blocks along these streets without losing my mind and keeping a straight face.

  • An aisle-by-aisle guide to grocery shopping

    Grocery shopping is a Herculean task, but you don't realise that until you get to do it by yourself. It might be the time when you have to move away for college, or when your parents are too busy with work so they just heave the responsibility upon your shoulders. Of course, I'm no grocery shopping expert, but here are some of the things that I learned from my experiences.

  • Experiencing an internet argument

    Arguing on the internet is fun, for a variety of reasons. Who wouldn't love to systematically dismantle someone else's ideas and exploiting loopholes in their logic at the same time. While engaged in such a noble deed, however, you tend to notice some of the finer aspects of pleasant internet discourse.

  • When you're the shortest friend

    Being short has its ups and downs, but mostly downs, for obvious reasons. Your height sometimes becomes your defining factor, more so in front of your friends. If you're short, you instantly become the easiest target, and there's no escape.


    Having watched anime for a few years now, I've noticed that most anime out there use the same plot lines with slight changes to either the characters or the general setting of the anime. Here are some of the most common plots.

  • Just let me eat

    We already judge people by their weight, height, clothes, the way they walk, and how they talk. What else can we judge them by? Hmm, I know, how they intake nutrients for sustaining life. This is my story of vilification and condemnation.

  • A cat's guide to table manners

    There are nine things on Earth that insist on a total disregard for humans and world domination: us cats. The former comes around quite naturally. We are designed to ignore our humans' calls, scratch them violently for no reason, and excrete in the unlikeliest places. However, world domination is a different matter and requires our attention and effort.

  • Things to remember when you have stage fright

    If you feel the urge to run away when you think of performing in public, you belong to a huge group of people who have stage fright. It can be downright daunting to merely stand and smile in front of a crowd of people. However, remembering the things below might help you with your fear.

  • A guide to shopping in Doza

    If you are one of those people who always keep wondering how girls in Dhaka always manage to somewhat keep up with the haute couture despite always complaining about being broke, then you have not been paying enough attention.

  • Perks of being a pessimist

    We all live in an era of self-help books and motivational speakers, most of which consist of people promoting the benefits of having a positive mentality. And in the process, we often fail to acknowledge how in some ways being a pessimist may also be beneficial. Pessimistic views may not prove to be as helpful as positivity, but it has been known to aid in astounding successes in case of both materialistic needs and mental health.

  • How to create your own sitcom

    Did you just finish watching a poorly made sitcom that somehow won two Emmys? And now you're probably thinking, “Hey, I could have done it better!” Well, it's difficult to say whether you could have actually done it better or not but here's my guide to making your very own poorly made sitcom.

  • Life lessons from The Office (US)

    You're either an ardent fan of the show, resorting to re-watching it as a form of escape from everyday life or you haven't watched The Office at all, there's no in-between. If you're the latter, always remember “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take” and it's high time you took the plunge. Here are a few potential life-changing lessons you could pick up from the show on the way.

  • What your favourite movie genre says about you

    If you love watching movies and currently having an identity crisis, you have come to the right place. Don't be offended, because I believe there's more to a person than their favourite movie genre.

  • How to get out of a reading slump

    People used to frown at me whenever they saw me slipping a book into my bag wherever I went, be it a journey or a party. My friends and family knew me well enough to buy my favourite books and bookmarks on my birthday and help me by not letting me go broke trying to buy originals. I could talk about books all day and judge people who thought the movie was better than the book it was based on. But that's all in the past.

  • Why you shouldn't be a people pleaser

    We've been taught to always be polite, be nice, to always put on a smile and help other people. And that is by all means, a good thing. But sometimes, we end up saying yes to things we don't want to, letting someone get away with a wrongdoing, doing favours for someone while sacrificing important ordeals of our own. This is called people pleasing.

  • Struggles of having workaholic parents

    Some of my friends always complain about their parents being too watchful of them. They think I'm lucky that my parents are away working most of the time, and that I only have to see them for few hours a day. Even though I do love the abundance of “me” time that I get, there are downsides to everything.

  • Types of Presenters in Class

    With the start of life at university, presentations become an integral part of your educational experience regardless of what major you pursue. Consequently, observing numerous presentations over the first year of my university life, I have noticed a few categories of presenters out there.

  • Baby in the house!

    After years of being the youngest of your clan, there comes a time when you're not the youngest anymore. Initially, it can be a bit overwhelming that a tiny human being is now your brand new relative. The prospect of being an older cousin, aunt, or uncle can be somewhat intimidating, but trust me when I say this—the feeling doesn't last too long.