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  • The Closeted Centrist: When pragmatism is a problem

    The life of a centrist comes with its fair share of tribulations. The question of “Why people have to pick a side and then blindly ignore all other logical reasoning?” is a constant. The mind boggles at the general populace's supposed insistence on always sorting things in boxes of black or white, and then ignoring any hard facts that may influence their categorisation.

  • Do our schools adequately prepare us for the future?

    As I prepare to graduate and arguably enter the 'real' world, I can't help asking myself, “Am I prepared to enter the hyper competitive world with the skills I currently have?”

  • Batter, Buttercream and Beyond: The amazing baking shows of today

    The modern world has offered us a world of limitless entertainment, and one of the sweetest ways to pass time is to watch baking shows.

  • Living life in the fear of being 'Meme-ified'

    Of all the things the internet has given us, memes are perhaps the most ecstatic ones. These humorous visuals are what many of us look out for almost every time we come online or scroll through our social media pages. However, like any other thing you could possibly think of, memes also have two sides to them. We may go on liking meme after meme, sharing one or two from the wide range of options, laughing our socks off to some of them and so on. But is everyone so accepting of this 'meme culture'?

  • Getting help for your mental health

    Even though mental health is slowly becoming less of a taboo subject around us, there are a lot of people who want help but don't know how to obtain it. If you're feeling the same way, this article might help you.

  • The Cat Burglar

    As I stretch out onto my bed, my eyes drooped. Master had been at “the gym” all day today, so there were no pesky interruptions in my observation of the winged rodents next door. I believe I have almost cracked their behaviour pattern and will most definitely have one of them as my captive the next time Master forgets to close the barrier between our abodes.

  • A day in the life of a CNG auto rickshaw

    I'm awake apparently. Master checks me and sighs, probably wondering when he will have enough money to fix my faulty engine. The loop his life goes through is simple: earn, feed, and hope the traffic sergeant won't check his papers when I suddenly halt in the middle of the street and refuse to start.

  • Struggles of living in Mirpur

    Mirpur is a mysterious land. Even though it is located inside Dhaka, no one considers it to be a part of Dhaka city. It's the evil twin sister of The Bermuda Triangle which draws you in, sucks the life and money out of you, then tosses the body out after a few hundred hours of insane traffic. The journey to and from this land is one that which a lot of us had to go through but not many survived with their sanity intact. We all know someone who lives in Mirpur. The following features will help identify him/her.

  • Types of bibliophiles

    Books make good friends. They're a fulfilling concoction that can, for some, be just as effective as any headache tablets. You'll find them there on your grey days, in times of need when stress leaves the mind walking in circles, and especially when you need a good company to sit back and relax with. Bookworms have their own

  • Tips on landing a tuition

    Finding Nemo was hard but finding a decent tuition is harder. For Bangladeshi teenagers, one of the most popular ways to pay for their fancy food cravings is to get into the “home tutoring” profession. Here, you will face rejection like you never faced before. You will question your capabilities. To help you get through this journey here are 5 tips for achieving success in the magical word of tuitions.

  • Life lessons you get as a finance major

    Upon reaching my senior year of university, I was naturally tasked with the ordeal of selecting my major. While making the decision, I realised selecting a major is very much like committing to an arranged marriage — you barely know what you are getting into and you basically have to make the decision based on a vague idea of what might transpire.

  • Tutoring an unruly kid

    There comes a time in the lives of many young people when they start teaching instead of just being taught. In the case of Bangladeshi people in their late teens or early 20s, teaching children is something that is quite common. It is a source of income, and sometimes, an extremely painful activity. And nothing makes teaching more stressful than having a student who's unruly.

  • How to be the perfect human being

    Being the perfect human isn't easy. In fact, it's actually impossible for many people without certain inherent qualities, as told by our society. So here's a list of the things you should have to be deemed a perfect human being. Prepare to feel bad.

  • Getting into the habit of writing

    Whether it's about getting into your favourite publication or being admired for creatively expressing your thoughts, the habit of writing surely invites good things. Once you have developed the habit, it can be a gateway from the loudness around you while being added as a new skill to your cart. Developing the habit, however,

  • The unspoken heroes of our friend circles

    Fret not; this isn't going to be like one of those 'Every type of friends in a group' kind of read. That analysis has outlived its lifespan. And while the various online quizzes might be fun to try out to some extent, I decided to shed some light on the role of a much underappreciated kind of friend in a group.

  • The unspoken heroes of our friend circles

    Fret not; this isn't going to be like one of those 'Every type of friends in a group' kind of read. That analysis has outlived its lifespan. And while the various online quizzes might be fun to try out to some extent, I decided to shed some light on the role of a much underappreciated kind of friend in a group.

  • The unspoken heroes of our friend circles

    Fret not; this isn't going to be like one of those 'Every type of friends in a group' kind of read. That analysis has outlived its lifespan. And while the various online quizzes might be fun to try out to some extent, I decided to shed some light on the role of a much underappreciated kind of friend in a group.

  • Types of people you meet in a university elevator

    University graduates may have conquered the land of advising schedules, battled the throng of impossible faculty members, and even come out victorious in the face of the nightmare which we call “administration”. However, we have not yet mastered the art of being the perfect passenger on a university elevator.

  • Joys of receiving your first pay cheque

    Congratulations on your job. The feeling of getting your first pay cheque in your hands is priceless. For the longest time you have dreamt of this day. Do you have big plans for your newly earned money? Do you want to buy that watch you always wanted? Do you want to buy that book you have read a few times by borrowing from a friend but you kind of want to own it because it's your favourite? Do you want to treat yourself to some delicious sushi? Well you can't. Because with money comes friends and family demanding treats and gifts.

  • CryptoKitties

    You're all familiar with Pokémon cards. They were all the rage back in the day. The card game itself was not considered as the actual hype. Rather it was the fun and joy of collecting those cards that used to please us the most. Now, here's the question. How did we go from collecting Pokémon cards to collecting virtual cats on the internet?

  • Things and people to be aware of as a Dhaka pedestrian

    The streets of Dhaka are full of surprises when it comes to everyday travelling. Yet, these experiences should come as no shock if you're someone who commutes regularly on these unforgiving streets. As a pedestrian, you may have a lot more to deal with than you think.

  • Types of friends you make on the journey to self discovery

    Being a complex life form with equally complex emotions, ranging from pure euphoria to rage, you are bound to think about your place in this universe. This train of thought eventually leads to the questioning of your own identity and who you are as a person. The journey to your “self discovery” can be aided by a multitude of external factors, such as the books you read, the music you listen to, and, of course, the friends you make along the way.

  • Spotting the Red Flags

    “I told you not to call me anymore”, you whimper into the phone. A part of you, a part which you knew was mistaken, had hoped that this would all be over in one go. However, you soon realise that saying you wanted it all to end was the least challenging aspect of your predicament.

  • Earning that Salami you deserve

    With Eid right around the corner and excitement brimming in everyone young and old, it sadly has lost a bit of its exuberant essence for those of us who are trying to adult. Eid gives us yet another example of how growing up is a horrible phenomenon. You know where I am getting at, don't you?

  • T-2 hours till iftar

    You're sitting at the dining table, alternating glances between the plate of delicacies, and the clock that hangs on the wall opposite. Waiting...waiting...waiting for that second hand to strike the golden minute.

  • Should You Share That?

    It is 2018, and mankind has collectively done so many incredible things. People have been sent to the moon, copystriked others for money, made songs about how giving and humble they are. While humanity continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, some people still struggle with some simple acts. Like deciding what to and what not to share on your social media accounts.


    If there's one thing the world learnt from the untimely death of Chester Bennington and our very own Zaheen Ahmed last year, is that mental health is as important if not more important than physical health.

  • Annoying Eid Shoppers

    With Eid comes joy, and part of the joy is in wearing new clothes. But shopping for these clothes can be an activity that puts a frown on even the most cheerful shopkeeper's face. They are caused by none other than annoying customers, only some of whom are mentioned below.

  • Monetising your personal skills

    I've often come across people possessing great proficiency in cooking, illustration, video editing, art etc. looking for a way to monetise the skills they possess but having no idea how to. Converting your skills into a business can be tricky as businesses require a steady plan, dedication and confidence in your personal skills. So if you're looking to earn some cash out of your skills, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Reminiscing high school romance

    Last night I stumbled upon my younger cousin, a high-school student, chatting away with a girl from his class for whom he apparently has a 'thing'. It took me down a dusty memory lane of high school romance and made me feel like a wrinkly 60 year old with a cane and a chronic cough. But I'm just in my 20s having an existential crisis.