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Batman villains as annoying friends


One of the many things that made Batman so popular are the intriguing, infuriating and sometimes questionable villains who make the lives of Batman and the residents of Gotham so miserable. Today, these villains are no longer confined to the pages of comic books. You can see them everywhere now, from t-shirts to billboards to movie screens, and sometimes, in your very own friends.


The Riddler

This is the passive-aggressive friend who never directly tells you what they are mad at you about. Straight talk is not their style. Instead, they resort to cryptic answers, texts and snaps which can be anywhere ranging from a public post on Facebook to a question they answered on Quora. There can also be strange heavy sighs after a comment about how difficult it is to find trustworthy friends or a particularly condescending eyeroll that is slow enough for you to see it but not slow enough for you to realise what made them roll their eyes. Whatever tactic the Riddler employs, you'll need to really strain your mental resources to decipher what the Riddler wants you to know. With this person, you know something needs to be solved, but you are puzzled as to what the answer is. A question mark always remains after interactions with this type.



This is the friend who changes plans the way the magical staircases in the Harry Potter movies change directions. Their sudden decision changes regarding whether they'll hang out with you or not often depends on chance encounters with none other than the fastest spreaders of rumors our society— The Aunties. Once a devoted snitch, they stopped trusting aunties when they realised how horrible the consequences of sharing information with certain people, especially gossipy ones, can be. Now, after suffering at the hands of aunties themselves, the Two-Face makes decisions based on whether an auntie or person with a similar character will come to know about their activities or whereabouts. It can be disastrous if you planned to share a ride with them to go to a party for they might bail last minute. Unbeknownst to people outside this type's close circle of friends, the Two-Face leads a double life that would make Hannah Montana jealous and aunties gasp in disgust. But it's not a big problem if this friend does get caught, because they can argue their way out of nearly everything.


The Joker

Everyone is scared of this person but you still stick with them, partly because you think they're cool and partly because you're scared of them too. But despite the name, you often shiver with fright than shake with laughter around them. You probably noticed them in school one day when they just decided it would be funny to risk getting expelled. The Joker's approach to life is dangerous but strangely appealing and sometimes seems to make sense. But no matter how much damage they cause, they almost always manage to come out unharmed.

Now before you bemoan at the realisation that you have such friends, it might be worthwhile to spend a minute wondering why you attracted such people in the first place.  

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