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Types of People in Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are one of the most popular interactive games currently. In an escape room, multiple players get locked in a small, secluded place and have to try to escape by finding the clues hidden in the room. It's plenty of fun when you're playing with a bunch of your friends, but even the best of us have fallen victim to these ever-present stereotypes.



Every escape room has that one person who's on their guard from the start – reading through all the rules, assigning tasks, coming up with a game plan, and constantly nagging you about doing your 'job'. This person is usually way too uptight, and has completely forgotten that escape rooms are meant for having fun. We get it; you have a solid plan that you think will help you get out of the room the fastest. This is quite useful when you're competing in teams. But this isn't a test, so please relax. You won't lose anything if you aren't the fastest group to get out, except maybe your dignity.



The classic conspiracy theorist, yes. You know that friend of yours who's always bringing up the Illuminati, binge-watching Buzzfeed Unsolved, and constantly on guard about everything at every given moment? This is undoubtedly them. This person thinks this escape room is a death trap, and every single thing is out here to get them. They have so many ideas, none of which happen to offer any help, but they still keep on coming up with new ones. And although this behaviour may be annoying, you can tell that they're the person that's most eager to actually get out of here. Maybe that's a good thing?



This person is the exact opposite of the Planner. For someone who sleeps twelve hours a day, you'd think they'd have a bit more energy. Instead, they're always dozing off or staring away into empty space. This person almost never speaks, and only occasionally does what you tell them to do excruciatingly slowly. Honestly, you can't tell if they even want to get out of this room or not.



Unlike the Sloth, this person actually tries to contribute to the game. They're just, well, a little slow. It's not exactly their fault, but it is a nuisance when you have to pause and explain for fifteen minutes every time progress is made because someone can't keep up. They're definitely a liability, but they're your friend and we love our friends regardless of their shortcomings… right?



Yes, you know the one. This is the person who calls themselves the King of Escape Rooms (we know you've only been to two, you're not fooling anyone). They're a self-proclaimed professional, and mega annoying. This person is the know-it-all of the group; the one who wants to do everything themselves and scoffs at your suggestions. You don't really know why you invited them along in the first place until they always get your group out at the end. At least they're good for something!


Saamin Azam Suha is a professional procrastinator and wannabe MasterChef. Send her compliments at saamin.suha@gmail.com and she will return her gratitude with pictures of her two-year-old niece who is the cutest human on the planet ever. Ever.

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