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A fragment


Posted by: CrimsonMinion1337

I don’t know whether this is against the rules of the subreddit but here goes.

I’ve been playing Legends of Kortaar for a long time now. I think I’ve gone above the 500-hour mark already. Few people know the ins and outs of this game like I do. But there was one person who always knew a little bit more than I did. Someone who could weave together such off-meta builds that would leave his opponents in awe. The person I spent the most amount of time in-game and successfully ran a clan with. That person was my brother, Damien, who, despite beating all the top players in the server in PvP instances, couldn’t beat cancer. He passed away a month ago and left his account to me.

I couldn’t login to the game at all for the first week. Every day when the clock hit 8:00 PM, we would be online in the game. We’d be in our separate rooms playing on our own consoles but we were always on voice comms. I think I’ve talked to him more online than I did in real life. After he passed away, whenever it was 8, I would bawl my eyes out as I knew my brother would never be online at the same time I was. It didn’t feel right to play the game without him. Recently, I mustered the strength to start the game up and I saw an unread message. It was from my brother.

“Hey kiddo, just wanted to let you know that since I can’t speak anymore, I realise I’m not gonna be around for much longer. Hence, I’m leaving you my account. Level it up and get it ready for the next DLC. I don’t want my character to be an underleveled scrub while all the others have fun in the new end-game content. We already had an emotional exchange on messenger so I’m not gonna do that here. Oh, and you’re the new leader of the clan. Make sure everyone’s ready for the raid.

ID: ****** Pass: ******”

I logged in and saw his character’s stats and items. Everything was exactly the way it was during that night we were playing together. I still remember that day, the sudden violent coughs followed by the sound of the controller dropping. It was when I rushed into his room to find him unconscious. He had coughed up way too much blood.

I know, I know. All of the stuff I just wrote there was really off-topic. But I just wanna say a few more things before I get to the build.

You see, when I said my brother could do off-meta builds, I meant it. You all know that lifesteal is a dismal stat to focus on when you’re playing a bruiser. But my brother made it work. He did use the Vampiric Axe to bolster the lifesteal stat but the damage on that item is really bad. What he did to counteract this was that, he invested a few points into the Arcane tree (absolute blasphemy for bruisers I know but hear me out), and he used the Spellblade perk which channelled your ability damage and ability healing into physical damage. Not even Arcanists take the Spellblade perk. For bruisers, it leaves you with fewer points to invest in armour. The beauty of this build is that, the health you recovered from your lifesteal attacks was channelled into more attack damage. And the more attack damage you had, the more lifesteal, thus more attack damage. So you would constantly ramp up damage and healing, and that off-set the lack of armour bonuses by a lot.

My brother’s character has been my primary for the past few weeks. Through his vampiric bruiser, I keep him alive in-game. Though it’s an imaginary video game character, his existence is real to me. A real person built him up, levelled him, and curated his items with utmost care.

I couldn’t really change any of his items out for the first week or so. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was altering the memory of my brother and thus, tainting it. But I figured that it would hurt him a lot to see his character unable to do the latest dungeons and raids. So, I built upon his lifesteal to optimise it. I swapped out the Vampiric Axe for the Dark Blade of Astagor which has even more lifesteal but less damage because you get your main damage from lifesteal. I’m still keeping his crimson-black colour scheme even though that’s one of the rarest colour dyes out there. I’m determined to farm it even if it means running through the low level dungeons 10 or 20 times.

Damien, I hope you can see that your character is in good hands and I’m well on the way to making him go through the next DLC like hot knife through butter. Hope you’re levelling yourself out there. You’ve hit endgame before all of us, just like you always would.

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