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If you've had your eyes on them for a while, take this quiz to find out if you should make a move. Award yourself points as you go.

1. Do they know your birthday?

a. Yes. They wish you every year. (5 points)

b. They probably know but don't care enough to wish you. (0)

c. They don't know you exist. (0)

d. You're waiting for your birthday to find out. (10)


2. How long do they take to reply to your messages?

a. Instant replies, always. (10)

b. One lunar phase for a reply. (5)

c. Reply? What reply? I might've been blocked. (0)

d. Still trying to find an excuse to text them. (5)


3. How well-matched are your zodiac signs?

a. You have the same zodiac signs. (5)

b. You don't have the same zodiac signs. (5)

c. Your astrological signs do not match, but your Chinese zodiac signs are super compatible. (0)

d. The movements of the sun and other stars do not affect your life. (10)


4. How “chill” is their family?

a. Your name is saved in their phone as “GeePee”. (5)

b. Pretty cool – they know you exist. (10)

c. Your existence is not appreciated in the household. (0)

d. You might be distantly related. (ABORT MISSION)


5. Are they a cat person or a dog person?

a. Definitely a cat person. (5)

b. Definitely a dog person. (5)

c. Has a stone for a heart. (0)

d. I wouldn't be taking this quiz if I had this sort of information. (10)


Now, for compatibility.


6. This should have been first on the list to be honest: Pineapple on pizza – thoughts?

a. You both love it. In which case you're both going to hell, but hey, at least you're going together. (10)

b. You both hate it like two very normal people, and you deserve to be happy together. (10)

c. You love it, but they hate it. (0)

d. They love it, but you hate it. (0)


7. From your grandma to that neighbour who has a hard time staying out of your business, they'd all want to know this little bit: Are your home districts well suited?

a. You're both from the same home district. (5)

b. You're from different districts, and now you've brought shame to your family's honour. (5)

c. They're from Noakhali, you're not. Oh, and this means you'll probably not see them after the first date. (0)

d. You're a rebel so the answer to this question doesn't even matter. (10)

8. Are your Hogwarts Houses compatible?

a. You wish you knew. (0)

b. You're both from the same House, and therefore blessed. (5)

c. Difference in Houses didn't stop Lupin and Tonks, why should it stop you? (10)

d. You are a Muggle. (-10)


9. Who do you think should get the biriyani er aloo?

a. Aloo is your first love and there can be no sacrifice in this regard. (5)

b. You do because they don't like aloo. (0)

c. They do because you're ready to make that sort of sacrifice. (5)

d. You both split it. Aww. (10)


10. What level of gore can you both take?

a. We're both Sesame Street people. (5)

b. Evil Dead could just as well become our favourite weekend movie. (5)

c. We can watch movies on different screens and still enjoy each other's company. (10)

d. Again, I'm only taking this quiz because I DON'T have this sort of information. (0)


Can you really tell if you guys are compatible if you aren't acquainted to their pop culture preferences?


11. DC or Marvel?

a. DC (10)

b. Marvel (10)

c. Will probably ask when Iron Man will make an entrance while watching Justice League. (-5)

d. I'll wait for the result to this quiz to ask them. (0)


12. Who is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?

a. Daenerys Targaryen. (5)

b. Jon Snow. (5)

c. The Night King. (10)



13. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

a. Team Edward. (0)

b. Team Jacob. (0)

c. Team Alice-deserved-a-spin-off. (5)

d. Team Twilight-should-never-have-existed. (10)


14. Who do they think is an amazing human/genius?

a. Detective Jake Peralta. (5)

b. Gina Linetti. (5)

c. If Doug Judy was part of this, none of them would have stood a chance. (10)

d. What are you even talking about? (-10)


15. Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

a. Friends. (10)

b. HIMYM. (10)

c. This is not an appropriate comparison. (0)

d. “Kids, we were on a break.” (-5)


Now for the results which we feel will be best described by movie titles:

Less than 50: She's Out of My League/He's Just Not That into You

Between 50 and 100: Definitely, Maybe

More than 100: Yes Man

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