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The metro rail is better than Daenerys’ dragons: A scientific study

The Dragon Queen may have ruined horses for Jon Snow after letting him fly on one of her dragons, but the metro rail is going to ruin all the rides Jon has ever been on after it’s completed. Despite not having the majestic appeal of dragons, the metro rail is a way better option for your daily commute and here’s why.  

Born from modern technology

The Dhaka metro rail project is the brainchild of modern day technology. The project took a long time to design, a lot of funding and is one of the most advanced engineering feats the likes of which this country has never seen before. It is being built by some of the finest in field with the latest technology this generation has to offer. Dragons, on the other hand, hatch from eggs. Daenerys’ ones hatched specifically when she threw herself and her dragon eggs in the funeral pyre of her late husband.  

Can travel to the North faster

According to a report published on The Daily Star back in 2018, the metro rail can travel from Motijheel to the North i.e. Uttara, in about 35 minutes. For a city like Dhaka where traffic congestion is a major issue, the metro rail will be able to commute faster than almost every other vehicle on the road. Even if you got into a normal car in Motijheel and waited for 35 minutes, you would still be in Motijheel. Daenerys and her dragons almost took six seasons to get to the North. I know that they got there in less than half of an episode when they really needed to, but we’ll pretend that never happened just for the sake of argument. 

Anyone can ride it

The metro rail project is set to redefine the public transportation sector of Dhaka. The sole purpose of this project is to help the public avail a better and faster way of moving through this megacity. Anyone can use the metro for travelling. All they need to do is buy a ticket. For riding the dragons, popular theory suggests that you need to be a Targaryen or someone closely associated with Daenerys. Which means, that for common people like you and me, dragon rides are off the table.

Easier to get on and off

Thanks to the stations that will be located in various points across the city, getting on and off the metro will be no big deal. It will be as it is with any other form of public transport. Dragons do not have this option available to them. I mean, where would you park a dragon in the middle of a city like Dhaka? Those things are huge and it will be quite difficult to find a parking space for your dragon. May be you can ask them to squeeze to the side of a footpath. 

Will connect Mirpur to civilisation

One of the most important features of the metro rail is its presence in Mirpur. The metro rail will connect Mirpur to modern civilisation, opening up new opportunities for its residents and providing them with hope for a new and improved lifestyle (in one way or the other). This project will give them the bragging rights they think they deserve. Dragons, however, will surely be afraid of flying to Mirpur. The dystopian nature of that area can easily trigger fear into the hearts of these mighty beasts.

Can carry more people

The metro rail project promises to reduce traffic congestion while saving valuable time for thousands of people who will be commuting on these trains. Each train will have around six cars that can accommodate a lot more people than a dragon. As per the last episode of Game of Thrones season 7, one dragon can accommodate a total of six or seven people. In contrast, one train can accommodate all the Dothraki people, the Unsullied, and probably every main character in GoT who is still alive.   

Much more comfortable

Those dragons are full of large spikes on their backs, which is where you are supposed to sit if you are going to fetch a ride on them. You could argue that if Daenerys and Jon can sit comfortably on them, why can’t we. But both of them are used to having large pointy things shoved inside of them for which they are unbothered by those spikes. But for ordinary people like us, it is impractical. The metro train, on the other hand, will be air conditioned. Case closed.  

Can survive a zombie apocalypse

As per Episode 6, Season 7 of Game of Thrones, the dragons can be easily killed by the Night King. As per Episode 3, Season 8, the army of the dead can easily attack the dragons. In short, dragons are not immune to a zombie apocalypse. Metro trains, on the contrary, can easily fend off a zombie apocalypse and continue its journey. In fact, the trains can also be used as fortresses to fight off the army of the dead. For further explanation, please refer to the movie, “Train to Busan”.

In conclusion, the metro rail is way better than Daenerys’ dragons in almost every way you can think of. Now, if you are thinking that this comparison is pointless and is just wasting everyone’s time, you are absolutely right. But, so is the metro rail so far. Here we are waiting for it to be completed so that we can go in and out of Mirpur on the same day. I rest my case.


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