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Raising Dion is an American superhero show, starring Alisha Wainwright, Ja’Siah Young and Jazmyn Simon, among others.

Bangladeshi Actress Bobby Showbiz


Can you describe yourself in three words? I’m trustworthy, reliable and a loyal friend.


Awaiting Beauty

The film Bishwa Sundori will possibly be released next month, according to the director, Choyonika Chowdhury, who further informed that the film’s shooting is complete.

    The festival talk representatives of Bangladesh are as follow

  • Singer Minar Rahman


    Rafi Hossain: Minar, for how long have you been involved in the music industry?

  • Nirob’s Busy Life

    This year, Banglasia 2.0, starring Nirob was released in theatres across Malaysia.

  • New Album from ‘Joler Gaan’

    The popular folk fusion band Joler Gaan is set to release their new album, Noyon Joler Gaan, on the 27th of October.

  • An Unforgettable Project

    Syed Abdul Hadi recently lent his voice to the Fahmida Nabi composed song, Ami Kemon Korey Vuli.

  • The Perfect FACE

    Who says beauty cannot be measured? Based on classic Greek calculations and science, the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi has recently revealed supermodel Bella Hadid to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • BOBBY extraordinary

    After the success of Beporwa, actor Bobby and Roshan will be seen working together again for a new film, Mukti, directed by Iftakar Chowdhury.

  • ‘FAHIM’ hits the French theatre

    Recently, the screening for the French film, Fahim, was held at the Le Grand Rex, Paris.


    Bangladesh National Film Award winning actor, Champa, is currently working in various cinemas.

  • Book of Rihanna

    Singer Rihanna is all set to release her first visual autobiography, Rihanna, on October 24, 2019.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Actor Deepika Padukone has made a place for herself in the entertainment industry with numerous super-hit films.

  • Jen Against Men

    Friends actor Jennifer Aniston is happy being single.

  • Prominent scholar Syed Jamil Ahmed

    Tribute: Syed Jamil Ahmed

    A prominent scholar in the field of theatre and arts, Syed Jamil Ahmed plays an integral part for the growth of theatre in Bangladesh. He is the founder of the Department of Theatre and Music in Dhaka University.


    The Flash is a comic TV series, developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, and distributed by Warner Bros.

  • Popular Actress Jaya Ahsan


    Can you describe yourself in three words?

  • Blast from the past

    Did You Know: Most of the dialogues spoken by the protagonists, except Udayan Pandit, rhyme.

  • Veteran Singer Syed Abdul Hadi

    Tribute: SYED ABDUL HADI

    Veteran singer Syed Abdul Hadi managed to capture the hearts of millions of Bengalis with his melodious songs and the messages that they portray.

  • Tribute: SARAH KABORI

    The leading actor of the 60’s and 70’s silver screen, Sarah Kabori, first became a part of the film industry at the early age of thirteen. Holding the hands of Subhash Dutta, the actor began her journey in the world of cinema with Sutorang.

  • Roshan’s Beautiful Ventures

    Roshan is currently very busy working on his films.

  • Actress Puja Cherry

    Puja’s Hiatus

    Puja Cherry has recently finished shooting for two films, Shaan and Jinn. She has also completed the photoshoot for the poster of Jinn, which has been directed by Nader Chowdhury, with Shajal as her co-star.

  • Bangladeshi Actress Jaya Ahsan

    Jaya’s Endeavours

    Actor Jaya Ahsan is appreciated in both Bangladesh and Kolkata.

  • Joker’s new disorder

    Actor Joaquin Phoenix has had to lose a significant amount of weight to fit the role of Joker.

  • Mi AMORE

    Actor Nicole Kidman was seen enjoying a romantic vacation with husband Keith Urban in a picture shared on Keith’s social media.

  • Evil Mistress Aishwarya

    After taking the world by storm with the first Maleficent film, Angelina Jolie is returning with the sequel.

  • Neigh-cessary Evils

    When BoJack Horseman first premiered, you probably expected something along the lines of your typical adult humour series (Family Guy and The Simpsons stans are flailing around offended somewhere).

  • Shahidul Alam Sachchu

    Can you describe yourself in three words?

  • Blast from the past


  • Bangladeshi Famous Filmmakers


    When I started off working in the industry, directors shared a unique bond. We used to meet-up a lot and communicate with each other.

  • Cardi B Speaks Out

    With the #MeToo movement gaining traction, rapper Cardi B also spoke up about how she was sexually assaulted during a magazine photoshoot.

  • Kumar-Sutapa’s Collaboration

    Internet famous singer Sutapa Mandal recently collaborated with Kumar Bishwajit for a new song, Mukhomukhi.