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Dohon Look Out For


The Raihan Rafi directed film Dohon is set to be released on October 5th. The film stars Siam and Puja Cherry. This duo's first film, Poramon 2 was quite a hit after it was released last Eid-ul-Fitr.

Femme Fabulous: Esha Rushdi Femme Fabulous

Femme Fabulous: Esha Rushdi

Skin care means a lot to Esha Rushdi but the routine of care is utterly simple. She has to put make up almost everyday as her place of work is itself the beauty industry.

Tagore 20th Century Bard in His Prime DESHI GRAPEVINE

Tagore 20th Century Bard in His Prime

Star Melodies hosted Tagore- 20th Century Bard in His Prime on September 9. The event was held at The Daily Star-Bengal Arts Precinct. Star Melodies is an initiative of The Daily Star, to help promote Bangladeshi music.
  • Irrfan Khan return to film

    Irrfan Khan Set to Return

    It is being reported that actor Irrfan Khan hopes to make a return to acting with Shoojit Sircar's next film. The film is said to be a biopic about the life of Udham Singh.

  • Eminem Drops Surprise Album

    The renowned rapper Eminem dropped his 10th studio album on 30th of August unannounced. The album, titled Kamikaze was hailed by most fans as a return to his

  • Bobby's Nolok This Puja

    There is a possibility that Bobby's film, Nolok will be released during the upcoming Durga Puja. Co-starring Bobby in this film is Shakib Khan. The film's producer, Sakib Irteza Sonet

  • Mahiya Mahi's Third Kolkata Film

    Mahiya Mahi's film Tui Shudhu Amar has been released in Kolkata. Alongside Mahi, Kolkata actors Soham and Om are also seen sharing the screen.

  • Apurba's Son Ayash in Eid-ul-Azha Drama Bini Shutor Taan

    Apurba's Son Crosses Him

    Last Eid, actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba was on talks for his drama Boro Chele. This Eid, Apurba became the hot topic for everyone again. But, this time his son has surpassed his popularity.

  • Shakib Khan's new film Naqaab

    Look Out For - Naqaab

    This month, Shakib Khan's film Naqaab is set to be released. The film will be released in Bangladesh under SAFTA contract. Alongside Bangladesh, the film will also be released in Kolkata.

  • Black Band Musician Jon Kabir

    Jon Kabir's Pursuit

    Jon Kabir created an impact on the music industry of Bangladesh after emerging with his band 'Black'. Even after his departure from 'Black'; the sojourner of psychedelia continued with his second band 'Indalo'. Aside from music, Jon has also been involved in multiple TV dramas. In an interview with Rafi Hossain this week, Jon talks about his career, his passions and his music.

  • Femme Fabulous: Tania Ahmed

    Tania believes having clean skin is very important. Therefore, she tries her best to keep it as clean as possible. She uses the Boots Essentials Cucumber Cleansing Lotion to cleanse her skin.

  • A Tribute to Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman

    The 3rd of September is the 10th death anniversary of Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman, a multitalented figure in the world of Bangla literature and songs. Primarily known as a poet and researcher, he was a lyricist of repute who enriched the quality of Bangla songs, including many that were used in the famous films of his time. We remember him with great respect for all of his contributions.

  • Stories From My Past

    Way back in 1980, I had enrolled in Jahangirnagar University. The JAKSU election was going on then, where I had the opportunity to meet Humayun Faridi.

  • A cup of tea with Reshmi

    There's not much about me to share. An enthusiast singer, a music lover, that is how I would like to introduce myself. My favorite pass time is listening to music and the work I love to do the most is singing.

  • Old is gold but young is not worthless

    The lifeline and animation of group theatre in Bangladesh is essentially dependent on our young generation. Many people blame them for not being culturally oriented and open but my over 40-year experience of teaching tells me, all generations grow spirally in their creative faculty (for good reasons) which we oldies often either forget to recognize or just take it for

  • Drake's Kiki: Athiya Shetty?

    Priyanka and Nick Jonas has undoubtedly brought Hollywood and Bollywood together, but this new connection between both the glamour town hotties that we're talking about today is

  • Apur Panchali

    Being in talks for breakups, its high time we hear Apu Biswas settling down for someone new in her life. She has been linked-up with Bappy Choudhury, an emerging Bangladeshi film star, ever since her divorce.

  • Whither should they go?

    Perhaps her name was Cynthia Warren, an American expatriate English language teacher at Dhaka University Institute of Modern Languages, around late seventies or early eighties of the last millennium.

  • Hummin' Along with Life

    Barely fifteen, I used to listen to Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple a lot. At the same time, I often used to go to, what we called back then, the 'Pop Concerts'. The then famous bands like Abnormal Three and Ugly Phases, and of course Uccharon of guru Azam Khan, used to perform there.

  • How the Movies Did This Eid

    This Eid, audiences have not been discussing the films much. Last Eid-ul-Fitr, people were discussing the movies released like anything. The halls were getting crowded with fans.

  • 'Pessimism has its own rare kind of escapade!' - Iresh Zaker

    There's a project of an anthology of short films based on Dhaka city. I had been acting in that. I have also done some dramas for Eid-ul-Adha, with directors like Shihab Shaheen and Tuhin Hossain.


    Gold is one of Akshay Kumar's most anticipated films of this year, where the Bollywood superstar portrays the character of Tapan Das, an aspiring assistant manager who had been safeguarding his dream of India playing hockey as an independent nation.

  • On The Playlist This Eid

    Maqsood O' dHAKA's new release Mohotto submits an open invitation for bringing a positive alteration in our societies through respect, benevolence and cooperative coexistence.

  • Tough luck for 'Beporowa' and 'Matal'

    After much hustle-bustle and promotional shenanigans, two of this Eid's highly anticipated Dhallywood big-screen releases unfortunately got delayed. These two movies are Beporowa and Matal.

  • Professor Dr. Halima Khatun

    Third of July 2018 was a sad day in the lives of the Bangladeshis. It lost one of its national figures, Professor Dr. Halima Khatun, a language movement soldier. August 25 marks her birthday, she was born in the year 1933.

  • The dance connoisseur Lubna Marium

    Shadhona is a centre for advancement of South Asian dance and music that was initiated with the aim of revitalizing and expanding the horizons of classical dance and music in Bangladesh.

  • Femme Fabulous - Sadia Moyeen

    Sadia Moyeen believes that cleansing, moisturizing and protecting are the 3 secrets to beautiful skin, which is why she follows these steps religiously. Every night after coming back home, she makes sure to clean her skin well with Johnson and Johnson's Baby Lotion.

  • Priyanka Chopra to become 'Mrs Jonas'

    American singer Nick Jonas announces Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra will be "Mrs Jonas" after the couple performed a traditional ceremony in Mumbai, the home of Bollywood cinema.

  • A Different Kind of Suchanda

    "I am always in a garden, a garden that has many-hued flowers. These flowers have a bittersweet smell and an inescapable aura. I while away my entire day taking care of them, talking to them. Sometimes a sense of fulfillment resonates through the bosom of my heart, yes I always had longed for this garden that I could call of my own. These flowers are my grandchildren."

  • “The centre of our universe”

    Eid hardly seems happening without my grandchildren around me. Everything seems somewhat empty. They fill up all my emptiness immaculately.

  • Celebs' Eid Food Fiesta

    On Eid-ul-Adha, my favourite thing to eat is Beef Bhuna. I can't explain in words just how much I love devouring it. Every time I see Beef Bhuna, I forget about my strict diet regime. My Eid would not be complete without Beef Bhuna. Polao is another food that I love to eat on Eid. I really want to cook, but don't really get much opportunities.

  • Shoroniya Shampa Reza's Lifeline

    Relationships surrounding us are diverse, having different names but not all of them has the same depth, the similar attachment. When it's between parents and their children, the relationship is tremendously powerful, beyond comparison to any other.

  • Salman Shah Utsab

    The heartthrob actor Salman Shah may have done only 27 movies, but he is still regarded as a legend in the film industry. All of his films were huge hits, and he had inspired most of the new generation actors.