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  • Sabnam Faria and Harunur Rashid Opu

    Bittersweet Romance

    Newly married couple, Sabnam Faria and Harunur Rashid Opu, is keeping the festivity of their wedding alive by letting their fans know about their married life. There are not many couples who open up about their marriage, but in an interview with Rafi Hossain, the newly-wed couple talked about their love and relationship.

  • Bangladeshi Actress Meghla Mukta

    The Southern Pearl

    Meghla Mukta is a renowned actor and model. She recently starred in a Telegu film, called 'Sakala Kala Vallabhudu'. In an interview with Rafi Hossain, she talks about her career and the hurdles she had to overcome to reach where she is today.

  • Runa Laila

    Runa Laila in a new light

    Runa Laila, the melody queen has garnered her musical career with numerous hits and enthralled her audience for decades, through her astounding vocals. The songbird now extends her musical prowess to composing musical scores. In an exclusive interview with Rafi Hossain, Runa Laila opens up about her new project.

  • Doyel's Fighting Spirit

    As a single parent,model and actor, Doyel has to face new challenges every day. In this interview with Rafi Hossain, she opens up about parenthood, her career and her future plans.

  • The Shining Solitaire

    Heera has been an iconic figure in the modelling industry, ever since she made her big-time debut in the 2008 edition of 'Lux Channel i Superstar'. In this interview with Rafi Hossain, she talks about her illustrious career, spanning over a decade.

  • Prominent Singer Kumar Bishwajit


    Kumar Bishwajit's contribution to the growth of the Bangladeshi music industry, has sculpted his career as a music maestro. His strong, intuitive personality and everlasting popularity have created a special place for him in the hearts of the music lovers. In this interview with Rafi Hossain, Kumar Bishwajit shares his thoughts and opinions about the past, present and future of the Bangladeshi music scene.

  • Fagun Haway Tauquir Ahmed Siam Ahmed and Tisha

    Fagun Hawa

    In a country where our identities are deeply rooted in our history, its influence on cinema is only inevitable. Based on the 1952 Language Movement, actor turned director Tauquir Ahmed's latest venture 'Fagun Hawa' brings forth a promising story. Lead actors, Siam and Tisha and director Tauquir indulge in an exclusive interview with Rafi Hossain, talking about their upcoming film and the scope of the Bangladeshi film industry.

  • PITHA FEST 2019


    Pran Premium Ghee-Anandadhara Pitha Fest co-sponsored by IGLOO and Prime Bank Limited was held on 25th-26th January 2019 at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel Dhaka.

  • Actress Sabnam Faria

    Up the Stairs high

    She mounted her career as a model, yet did not confine herself within, for she could barely hide her innate charm that was just enough to bedazzle a greater audience pool. With ease and grace, she stepped into the silver screen, and triumphed over the fans and critiques as if she was destined aforetime. She is Sabnam Faria, full of life and laughter in her one on one with Star Showbiz today.

  • Rahul on 12 Years of Joler Gaan

    We came up with the name Joler Gaan in 2006. But, long before that Kanak and I used to play music together after we both enrolled in Charukola. We hit it off because of music, and we used to sing and play instruments together.

  • Dhallywood diva Champa


    In her career that vouchsafed over 200 films, Dhallywood diva Champa cast a glamour charm that left generations of film lovers spellbound for over decades. The five time ‘National Award’ winner actor retains a grand filmography that consists era-winning films like 'Padma Nadir Majhi', 'Bheja Chokh', 'Moner Manush' and many more. The insightful artiste reminisces the golden times of her career in this issue's cover story.

  • Bangladeshi Legendary Actor Faruk

    The Legendary Faruk

    A brave veteran and multiple award-winning actor Akbar Hossain Pathan, better known by his stage name Faruk, has contributed enormously to shape the Golden Era of the Bangladeshi film industry. 'Golapi Ekhon Traine', 'Lathial', 'Abar Tora Manush Ho', 'Mia Bhai'... the list of his milestone works continues to adorn his career. In a recent interview with Rafi Hossain of Star Showbiz, the Lifetime Achievement Award winner of the 2018 'National Film Award' shares his thoughts on the contemporary media and political scenario of Bangladesh.

  • Indraneil Sengupta

    Aloof & Content

    With a rather idiosyncratic attitude towards his works and words, Indraneil Sengupta has been through many twists and turns to reach where he stands today in his career. In a recent interview with Rafi Hossain, the ingenious actor-model shares the stories of his journey so far.

  • Love as the Price of Liberty

    The three-four years of my life with Zahir Raihan seemed to have been veiled with a translucent covering of transience. We came to be intimate as we worked together in films; I adored his fervor, he had a tireless approach all the while.

  • Misir Ali Impartially

    Misir Ali Impartially!

    I have only been trying to focus on my works, rather than focusing on publicity and self-promotions. These days most of the people somewhat seem to be giving all their efforts in branding themselves. I absolutely oppose this practice. I believe that if we work hard, our efforts will be recognized beyond any need for publicity.

  • Siam Ahmed

    With Inflammable Truth... Dohon

    I am very excited! The previous interviews I had to attend took place when I was shooting for the film. But this is my first interview after I have finished the shooting and watched the whole production in a go. Now my excitement has almost doubled with the added confidence the screening has given me.

  • Hasina A Daughter's Tale docudrama

    On "Hasina - A Daughter's Tale"

    Bangladesh is a land of possibilities; here nothing is impossible and I say these both in a positive and negative light. Till now, as a person I grew up learning more and more about this country every day.

  • Actress Nandita Das


    Critically acclaimed for her radiant display of acting and directional genius, Nandita Das believes in her heart that the core purpose of film-making is creating a difference through felicitous molding of perceptions.

  • Bappy Chowdury's Film Nayok

    Nayok hits the home run!

    With each passing day, 'Nayok', starring the sensational Bappy Chowdury and Adhora Khan, is setting new benchmarks at the box-office and dominating the movie theatres around the country. In a lively adda with Rafi Hossian, the 'Nayok' team shares their success story and discusses the current state of the Bangladeshi film industry.

  • Mithila on #MeToo movement

    Mithila on #MeToo movement

    In a recent interview with Rafi Hossain, Rafiath Rashid Mithila talks about gender related social issues and her initiatives to address them.

  • Mitali Mukherjee

    The Flamboyant Songbird Speaks

    Mitali Mukherjee has carved a special place in the hearts of the music lovers with her timeless songs and Ghazals. Her melodious voice has made remarkable contributions to the growth of Bangla music both in Bangladesh and India. This week, in an interview with Rafi Hossain, the songstress shares her tale of love, successes and passions.

  • A star studded evening

    The 11th gala of the Standard Chartered-The Daily Star Celebrating Life was held on October 12, 2018 at the International Convention City, Bashundhara.

  • Daily Star Celebrating Life 2018

    Celebrating Life 'Lifetime Achievement' award 2018

    I was reached by Mahfuz Anam bhai a few months back. On the phone he told me he was considering me as the perfect match for this year's Standard Chartered-The Daily Star Celebrating Life 'Lifetime Achievement' award.

  • Debi emerges

    Anam Biswas and Jaya Ahsan have recently made a film adaptation of Humayun Ahmed's popular novel Debi. The movie of the same name is set to hit the theatres later this month. In a lively adda with Rafi Hossain, the Debi stars talk about the making of the movie and discuss the philosophies of the eminent novelist.

  • Runa Laila

    The Nightingale Speaks

    In an exclusive interview with Rafi Hossain, the queen of melody shares stories of her journey of successes, achievements and passions.

  • Poojs Passions

    Dance artist and choreographer, Pooja Sengupta is a ray of sunshine in the dance fraternity of Bangladesh. Her passion for dance kindled at an early age, which eventually turned into her profession. Her dance repertory group 'Turongomi', has left significant marks on both national and international platforms. In a recent interview with Rafi Hossain, Pooja Sengupta talks about her passion for dance and her inspirations.

  • Hasan Imam and Laila Hasan relationship

    53 years of unwavering comradeship

    They were part of the golden days of Film and Television. Hand-in-hand they have passed the golden jubilee of their marriage as well. Today with a cup of coffee, Hasan Imam and Laila Hasan is sharing the tale of their journey together in an interview with Rafi Hossain.

  • Black Band Musician Jon Kabir

    Jon Kabir's Pursuit

    Jon Kabir created an impact on the music industry of Bangladesh after emerging with his band 'Black'. Even after his departure from 'Black'; the sojourner of psychedelia continued with his second band 'Indalo'. Aside from music, Jon has also been involved in multiple TV dramas. In an interview with Rafi Hossain this week, Jon talks about his career, his passions and his music.

  • The dance connoisseur Lubna Marium

    Shadhona is a centre for advancement of South Asian dance and music that was initiated with the aim of revitalizing and expanding the horizons of classical dance and music in Bangladesh.

  • Bubly's take on the king

    Ours is a three-year long journey of togetherness. Walking through this trail, Shakib Khan's performances have always reminded me of how fine an actor he is. Shakib Khan is a superstar indeed; but he is also an admirable co-star, anyone would love to work with. It makes me feel immensely proud to have a superstar like him in our country, all to ourselves.