• Shakib Khan's Body Fitness

    The secret behind Shakib's physique

    Shakib is working out for the film Fighter, directed by Malek Afsari. To portray the character of an action hero accurately, he is spending most of his time at the gym.

  • MehAzabien's Occasional Dramas

    Mehazabien usually stars in dramas that are aired on special occasions. She will be seen in different dramas this year, like Mone Prane by Rubel Hasan, Ei Shohore Bhalobasha Nei by Mohidul Mohim, Bhalo Theko Tumio by Mizanur Rahman Aryan and Shohore Boshonto by Sohel Rana Emon.

  • Ferdous' New Film Gangchil

    Ferdous' New Mission

    Shooting for the film Gangchil starring Ferdous has started. The film is based on a novel by the General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League and Minister for Road Transport

  • Bubly's ‘Password’

    The shooting for Bubly's upcoming film Password, directed by Malek Afsari, starts on February 15th. Shakib Khan will be starring alongside her in the film. Shakib will be producing the film. According to Bubly, “This is my first film of the year. I am very hopeful about this pr

  • Mim’s Vday project

    The film Daag Hridoy, featuring actor Bidya Sinha Mim, has been released as Valentine's Day is approaching. Her co-star in the film is actor Bappi. She said, “My character's name is Sohana, who

  • Imran Mahmudul and Safa kabir

    Imran Mahmud Returns

    Safa Kabir will be featured in singer Imran Mahmudul's new music video. The song, titled Amar Kache Tumi Onnorokom, has been released recently.

  • Shakib in a new light

    Shakib Khan's new movie, Shahenshah is set to be released this March where he will be acting alongside actor Nusraat Faria. A one and a half minutes teaser of the movie has

  • Nancy Farewell from Facebook

    Farewell from Facebook

    Musician Nazmun Munira Nancy, known for her song Dui Dike Boshobash, from the film Projapoti, has abandoned social media platform, Facebook.

  • Victory yet again

    The biennial general election of Bangladesh Film Directors’ Association has once more taken place, with Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar retaining the office of president for a second

  • Apurba's new mission

    Small-screen actor Ziaul Faruq Apurba, can now be seen in a web film titled Ditio Koishor, directed by Shihab Shaheen. This film will be released on the online platform, Bioscope.

  • Arifin Shuvoo in Indian Film Abhijatrik

    Arifin Shuvoo as Apu

    Kolkata based director, Subhrajit Mitra is adapting the last 100 pages of the novel Aparajito into a movie. The film is titled, Abhijatrik – The Wanderlust of Apu and will portray

  • Life of Dhallywood Actress Apu Biswas

    Life of Apu Biswas

    Apu Biswas has acted in over 100 films and has presented the audience with numerous successful projects. These days, Apu Biswas is also working as a model for stage shows

  • Singer Akhi Alamgir's Happy Birthday Gift

    Song as a Birthday Gift

    Singer Akhi Alamgir received a song as a gift for her birthday. The chairman of JAAZ Multimedia, Abdul Aziz, surprised the artist by announcing that she will be doing a song for JAAZ Multimedia's next movie.

  • New Songs from Asif

    Singer Asif Akbar has released a new song this year for his fans. The song is titled Chol Palai. It is a duet with Papri.

  • Emon in a web series

    Actor Emon will be seen in the web series Beauty and the Bullet directed by Animesh Aich as a cinema actor, as well as a judge.

  • Singer Habib Wahid's New Song

    New songs from Habib

    Habib Wahid came out with several new songs last year. His songs Cholo Na with Nancy and Ektu Pagol Na Hole Ki greatly entertained his fans.

  • Shobnom Bubly's film Bir

    Starting the New Year with a Bang!

    Shobnom Bubly's films are usually loved by the audience. Last year, she was seen in Captain Khan, Superhero and Chittagainga Poa, Noakhailla Maiya alongside Shakib Khan. Her

  • Bappy Chowdhury and Bidya Sinha Mim

    Together again, for the fourth time

    Bappi and Bidya Sinha Mim will be seen in a film together. This is the fourth project they have been in together. On Valentine's Day, the film they acted in, called Daag will be released.

  • Arefin Shuvo's New Films

    Arefin Shuvo in Four New Films

    Arefin Shuvo has joined the cast of the film Mission Extreme. He will be playing the role of a courageous policeman in the movie. Sunny Sanowar was behind the film's script.

  • Sabila Nur In A Web Series

    Actor Sabila Nur will be seen in a web series. Ehsan Kabir will be directing it. Sabila said, “I see that most actors now are making web series. It does not have as much censorship as

  • The Busy Sohana Saba

    Sohana Saba will be seen in quite a few new movies next year. She has already finished working on the Saif Chandan directed film Abbas. Nirob will be seen in the film alongside her.

  • MIM Busy with Cinemas

    Bidya Sinha Mim is currently very busy doing movies. She finished working on Golam Sohrab Dodul's film Shaapludo a while back.

  • Tauquir Ahmed's Web-Series Biroho Uttar

    Tauquir Ahmed Spreading His Magic in Kolkata

    Tauquir Ahmed directed a web-series in Kolkata called Biroho Uttar. The project was produced by SVF Films.

  • 39 Years Of The Song ‘Shurjodoye Tumi’

    Most of the patriotic songs of prominent singer Syed Abdul Hadi have been well received by all. Among his songs Shurjodoye Tumi is a timeless masterpiece.

  • Shakib Khan's Request

    With the parliament elections coming up, actor Shakib Khan has requested the winner of the general elections to create 64 cineplexes in 64 districts.

  • Challenging times of Ferdous

    Popular actor Ferdous is currently working on a movie titled, Save Life. He is very elated about this project. He is playing the role of a seasoned fire fighter named Joynal in the film.

  • Actress Jaya Ahsan comes back new movie Bijoya

    Jaya comes back with ‘Bijoya’ !

    After her recent hit release Debi, the audience will yet again see Jaya Ahsan's mesmerizing performance in a new movie, Bijoya releasing in Kolkata on January 04, 2019.

  • Samina Sings To Fahmida's Tune

    Samina Chowdhury sang to the tune of her sister Fahmida Nabi for the first time. The lyrics of the song, O Amar Jonmo Bhumi has been written by Rana Masud.

  • popular actress Popy

    The Busy Life of Popy

    Three time National Film Award winning actor, Popy is going through a very busy time. She currently completed shooting for a web series titled Indubala which is yet to be released.

  • Actress Aupee Karim in Debris of Desire film

    Aupee Karim Returns!

    Aupee Karim is returning to the big screen with a Bangladesh-India joint production film. The film, titled Debris of Desire, also stars Kolkata actor Ritwick Chakraborty.