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Nabila & Reem Cover Story

A Marriage Made in Heaven - Nabila & Reem

The match of our very own Masuma Rahman Nabila and corporate honcho Jubaidul Haque Reem makes us believe that marriages are indeed made in heaven. Ever since they tied the knot, this couple inspired us with their love and portrayed a blissful picture of lifelong promises. Two weeks after their marriage, they came to The Daily Star Centre and shared bits and pieces of their beautiful journey together. Let us take you through the journey filled with love and laughter and listen to what this stunning couple has to say about marriage!

Renowned singer Momtaz sings for Film Debi DESHI GRAPEVINE

Momtaz sings for Debi

Renowned artist Momtaz has lent her voice to the song Doyel Pakhir Konnya Re for Jaya Ahsan's upcoming flick Debi. The song has been composed by Pritom Hasan and the lyrics were written by Rakib Hasan

Actress Jaya Ahsan DESHI GRAPEVINE

Jaya's multiple personalities!

We have seen Jaya excel at various roles in myriad films all throughout her illustrious career. This time, she takes it up a notch by not only performing in a psychological thriller, but also portraying a character
  • Rituparna Sengupta

    Aha re - A Cross-border Love Story of Cooks!

    After Ekti Cinemar Golpo, Arifin Shuvoo and Rituparna Sengupta are all set to find their ultimate true love - the love for food! Rituparna and Shuvoo will be seen in a movie named Aha Re where Shuvoo will play

  • Popular Actor Mosharraf Karim

    Ten Times the fun in ‘Jibon Babur Chithi’

    Mosharraf Karim's presence in TV dramas has never failed to amaze his audience. This time he is going to bring something more versatile for us. In a TV drama named Jibon Babur Chithi, Mosharraf is going to

  • Rock N Roll concert

    Legacy of Rock ‘N’ Roll concert at ICCB on May 11

    A concert titled Legacy of Rock ‘N’ Roll presented by Dan Cake is to be held at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in Dhaka on Friday, May 11.

  • Shakib Khan latest film Chaalbaaz

    Chaalbaaz making moves!

    It shouldn't really be a surprise at this point. Once again, for the umpteenth time, another Shakib Khan film has hit off really well with the fans. Shakib's latest film Chaalbaaz, released last week on 27th April, has

  • Lubna Marium to receive the prestigious Proyash Somman Award

    The esteemed dancer, art director and researcher Lubna Marium has been announced to receive the prestigious Proyash Somman Award 2018 for her “outstanding contribution to the growth and development of dance”. To be held



  • Dhallywood Actress Mahiya Mahi

    Mahi's false shooting!

    It was a perfectly normal day in the life of Mahiya Mahi. Scheduled to do shooting for the brand new film Tui Shudhu Amar, she was ready to do her best and give it her all. But halfway through the shooting she


    My first inspiration is the empyrean beauty of nature. I must say that I got the chance to absorb the colossal beauty of art in the lap of nature and that inspired me a lot. The dazzling waterfall, the chirping of birds and the pleasant sound of dried leaves; they all have their own rhythm and a unique melodious flow. Since childhood, I used to climb on trees, pick up water lilies and so much more! I was also very fond

  • Hope is always the impetus to march forward

    I was quite surprised to read a newspaper advertisement in The Daily Star newspaper. It was asking for names of employers who hired domestic help and had kept them for more than ten years, looking after them like a family member, giving them treatment, medicine, holidays and helping them in difficult times and assisting in teaching them or their family members.

  • Jonmodin

    Opu (played by Tawsif) is an impulsive teenager constantly making the wrong choices in life, which includes skipping out on classes, ignoring his friends' and mother's advice and constantly running after a woman known to use men for her own benefit. This young woman (played by Jessia) is a foul-mouthed individual who loves to prey on gullible men like Opu, and only feigns fake interest to make them do her