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'Sanju' Misleading? GRAPEVINE

'Sanju' Misleading?

Even though the newly released biopic Sanju about controversial actor Sanjay Dutt's life is a hit, many reviewers are enraged by it. They claim that the movie hid a lot of Dutt's shady past.

Ranbir-Alia dating? GRAPEVINE

Ranbir-Alia dating?

Talks of Ranbir-Alia romance are in the air for some time now. To many, it may come as a surprise with lots of speculations, but for the ones following B-talks regularly, this may seem like something else is brewing up.

Bengali Beauty Toya DESHI GRAPEVINE

Bengali Beauty Toya

Sensational TV actor Mumtaheena Toya makes her big screen debut with Bengali Beauty, a film directed by Rahsaan Noor. The film has been released on July 20.
  • Khan or Ahmed?

    Shakib -Bubly and Siam-Puja are battling it out in the box office this Eid with a slew of super hit movies. Shakib gave us three new films this Eid which he promised would be new in terms of content and quality.

  • Nazrul Teertho in Kolkata

    After returning from World War II the famous poet Kazi Nazrul Islam resided in Kolkata and neighboring areas till 1972. It was his seat of work, his city of fame. In 2014, the West Bengal Government built an archive in the name of Nazrul Islam. The Urdu phrase that comes to my mind when I see this memorial structure titled `Nazrul Teertho' is: Der se, durast se.

  • Chandni

    Chandni is back

    Chandni started her acting career at the age of four with ‘Dukhai’. She also won an award in the dance category in ‘Notun Kuri’, a reality talent hunt show for child artists aired on Bangladesh Television. But her career was not confined to dancing alone. She proved her acting prowess with two national awards, one for ‘Lal Shalu’ and the other for ‘Joyjatra’.

  • Rubaiyet Kabir Rabita

    Amidst the thousands of chemical beauty enhancing products occupying the cosmetic industry, Rabita's skin care regime consists mostly of herbal and home-made recipes. Being a beautician cum makeup artist she knows how essential it is to use a moisturizer before applying make-up and also to remove all the makeup properly

  • Through the Eyes of S M Ejajul Islam

    Like every other person I had a dream – I wanted to become an actor. To turn my dream into reality I stepped on the stage for the first time when I was in class three. It was a small drama performance at my school. Three years later, I made a larger move and played the central character in a drama named Kolir Jin in Kurigram

  • Decibels of the drug war

    Life revolves around our experiences and first hand experiences determine our course of action in dealing with the many travails of life itself.

  • Bangladeshi actor Shahriar Nazim Joy

    Joy's Ploys

    People are always curious about the personal lives of famous celebrities. Regular updates are easily available on TV and social media. But people want more; they want to pry into the darkest corners of the lives of celebrities to find out more about them and shows like Sense of Humor satiate these innate curiosities of the people.

  • Indian actress Priyanka Chopra relationship

    Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra get Instagram Official

    Musician Nick Jonas recently confirmed his relationship with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra through his Instagram story. He posted a video of the Quantico actress

  • Just Married: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

    Former Game of Thrones co-stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have tied the knot on June 23rd at the bride's ancestral castle in Scotland. The couple originally met on

  • Sylvester Stallone's Ex Gives Birth at 54

    Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen, best known for her roles in Rocky IV and Cobra gave birth to her first daughter and fifth child last Friday at the age of 54.