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Ilias Kanchan: The Tireless Warrior Speaks
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Ilias Kanchan: The Tireless Warrior Speaks

In a candid interview, Ilias Kanchan, veteran actor and founder of Nirapad Sarak Chai (We Demand Safe Roads) movement, shares his views on the ongoing student protests demanding safer roads and the initiatives that can be taken to address the situation.

  • Dhaka University Vice Chancellor's wife Salma Zaman

    No words to express the horror of the night, says DU VC’s wife

    There are no words to express the horror of yesterday night when the residence of Dhaka University Vice Chancellor came under attack during the quota-reform movement on the campus, DU VC’s wife Salma Zaman said today.

  • Penguin books set foot in country's publishing market

    Penguin Random House, a global book publishing house, joins hands with Pathak Shamabesh in Bangladesh to publish books by Bangladeshi authors in English, while encouraging local authors to write in English.

  • Baldah Garden: Where rare plants lie in negligence

    The country's century-old botanical treasure trove Baldah Garden with its rare collection of exotic plants now remains uncared and unattended for, facing the onslaught of billboards, high-rise buildings, and pollution.

  • Pet Lover Dipanwita Ridi

    Dipanwita’s home, a sanctuary for cats and dogs

    Can you imagine a two-storied building in Narayanganj has been turned into a shelter home for stray cats and dogs.

  • Conjoined Baby Rokeya and Rabeya

    Ray of hope for conjoined twins

    Rokeya and Rabeya were not born normal to Pabna’s primary school-teaching couple Rafiqul Islam and Taslima. They were joined at the head since birth.

  • Strong to the Core

    There are three core muscles in the abdominals: the transverse, the rectus and the internal and external obliques. In pilates, this core is referred to as the Power House. The power house is made up of three sets of muscles”

  • Char Kukri Mukri

    Discover Bangladesh: Quick Tour into Char Kukri Mukri

    Char Kukri Mukri, an island situated in the southern part of Bangladesh, offers tourists a beautiful landscape. In this new episode of Discover Bangladesh, Star Live takes you to Char Kukri Mukri, an island with mangrove forest and a beautiful sea beach. Watch the video to know more.

  • Nobel Peace Laureates Mairead Maguire and Tawakkol Karman

    Wake Up And Stop Rohingya Abuses

    No one would realise better than a woman how it feels when a child is snatched away from the arms of a mother and slaughtered, a man is murdered before the eyes of his wife, or a girl is raped. That is what happened to countless Rohingya women back in Rakhine State of Myanmar.

  • Are You Ready For Change?

    Vales, eco-system and the market change with time. It is important to understand how one's skill and passion will be beneficial with the changing phenomenon. On the second session of Coffee with Mentor, enthusiast participants from different universities learnt this very crucial lesson from none other than mentor Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Executive Director, ACI Logistics Ltd. (Shwapno).

  • Inspiring Dutch woman Antoinette Termoshuizen

    Inspiring Dutch woman lives for Bangladeshi children with disabilities

    Meet Antoinette Termoshuizen, a Dutch woman more popularly known as ‘Khalamma’, who has spent the last 20 years of her life making life better for children with disabilities of Bangladesh.