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  • Central Shaheed Minar

    In this document, which was found in the files of M. S. Jafar and Hamidur Rahman Collaboration, Architects and Engineers, the chief architect of the Shaheed Minar, Hamidur Rahman, recalls how the monument took shape over three decades. The document is reprinted verbatim.

  • Remembering World War One's Army of Bengali Workers

    As the UK commemorates the Centenary of the First World War, 2014-2018, it's only fitting that one sheds more light on the

  • Hool Johar: Revisiting the eternal Santhal Revolution

    The Santhal Rebellion led to a calculated genocide by the British army who burned down hundreds of villages and killed and raped over 15,000 Santhals to quash their resistance.

  • The Lost Child of Chittagong

    French revolution is one of the incidents that changed the world's history decisively. It's far reaching social, political and cultural

  • The man who raised the flag first

    "March 2, 1971. There was a huge number of people who came ignoring the curfew in the historic Bot tola of Arts Faculty, Dhaka


    The broadcasts from Shwadhin Bangla Betarkendra of '71, used to be the source of inspiration for the fearless freedom fighters from the battle fields, as well as for the nation.