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ULAB celebrates International Mother Language Day virtually
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ULAB celebrates International Mother Language Day virtually

Following the theme, A(ma)r Bhashay A(ma)r Bishsho, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) recently concluded their three-day celebrations of International Mother Language Day. The programme was inaugurated by Professor Jahirul Haque, Vice Chancellor, ULAB. During the first day, the organisers conducted a video screening of letters written to mothers in 21 different languages and shared an audio-play entitled "Kajol" from Kolkata. This was followed by an interactive session on German tongue twisters and superstitious beliefs.

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    Youth Economic Forum 2021

  • Share your closet, share happiness

    Share Your Closet, a youth organisation, intends to bridge the nationwide clothing divide, and ensure that the less fortunate communities have

  • Sign up for The Daily Star Muktijuddho Olympiad now!

    Registration is open for The Daily Star Muktijuddho Olympiad – the largest Olympiad on the Liberation War. The event is a joint initiative by The Daily Star and Efood.

  • Presenting muslin with a unique spin

    Muslin, the premier fabric of Bengal of the pre-Moghul and Moghul era, is regarded as the epitome of elegance. In time, the production of the exquisite fabric diminished and became a lost treasure.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • Inspiring others to lead a fulfilling life

    Riyadh left the military in 2012, after which he pursued his MBA from IBA, DU, and received his Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) training in the UK from Dr Richard Bandler, the Co-creator of NLP.

  • Menstrual hygiene of young RMG workers: Still a long way to go

    24-year-old Shirina Akter, who is employed at a ready-made garment factory in Savar’s Nishchintapur, works around 10 hours every day to manage her family of five. But during her periods, she cannot always work for such a long time, and is forced to skip work on the first or second day.

  • Moving wheels, saving lives

    Safewheel, founded by Rafiq Islam (Chief Executive Officer), Faysal Islam (Chief Business Development Officer) and Anas Hossain Makki (Chief Operating Officer), gained a wide audience in its formative days.

  • online learnig

    69.5% students didn’t take part in distance learning classes: study

    A little over 69 percent students in the country did not take part in television, radio and online based distance learning programmes during the coronavirus pandemic, a study says.

  • Youth Opportunities

    BookPecker Fellowship Programme 2021 | PeaceX Literacy Project

  • Fulfilling dreams with 1 taka

    Ek Takay Shikkha, a social organisation, has been in operation since 2017 with a mission to ensure that one’s financial condition does not restrict them from acquiring an education.

  • Tonima Tasnim Ananna’s visionary aspirations

    The underrepresentation of women and girls in leadership positions and higher education in fields of science remains a systematic problem. However, over the last few decades, the scenario has changed significantly. Now, more than ever, women around the world are shattering centuries of misbeliefs and making noteworthy contributions in science.

  • Deconstructing myths about feminism

    In an attempt to deconstruct the myths about feminism, a panel of leading gender activists, development practitioners, and professionals came together on December 26, 2020, on the platform, ‘Reflective Teens’, an internationally recognised nonprofit teen-based creative initiative that aims to foster the abilities of teenagers and prepare them for the present and the future. The panel included Shireen Haq, Founder & Member, Naripokkho, Khushi Kabir, Coordinator, Nijera Kori, Samia Ahmed, Senior Manager, Advocacy and Campaign, Save the Children, Warda Ashraf, Development Practitioner and Cultural Activist, and Kajal Abdullah, Co-Founder and CEO, Jahaji Ltd. The session was moderated by Ruhun Wasata, Senior Lecturer, East West University and PhD student, Indiana University Bloomington, and hosted by Md. Masud Parvez Ove, Senior Teacher, South Point School and College, and Former Bangladesh Coordinator, South Asian Students for Liberty.

  • UAP graduate Umme Tahmina Haque wins Tamayouz Int’l Graduation Project Award 2020

    Umme Tahmina Haque, a graduate of the Department of Architecture, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), won the first prize for the Tamayouz International Graduation Project Award 2020 for her outstanding work.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • Youth Opportunities

    We understand that “Liberation” can mean different things to different people, places and contexts. In 1971, for us “Liberation” meant getting

  • A beacon of hope for those struggling with mental health issues

    Moshal aims to spread awareness about different mental health issues, by providing people with useful information and by connecting them with counsellors and therapists on the basis of their needs.

  • Working towards a stronger nation through empowering women

    With the tagline, ‘Empower our women, bloom our nation’, the social welfare organisation Solace intends to address gender-based discrimination through important conversations.

  • A delight for readers from different walks of life

    The idea of going into a library and issuing books to read has been slowly fading, as most of us prefer to access books online or from shops nowadays. Becoming a library member, borrowing books and returning them on time can be a tedious task for many.

  • Introducing Team Bangladesh of 22nd Int’l Robot Olympiad

    The International Robot Olympiad (IRO) aims to develop the interest of students in the field of robotics. The 22nd edition of the olympiad was organised in Daegu, South Korea, but due the ongoing pandemic, participants from different countries sent their entries online, and were assessed virtually.

  • Youth Opportunities

    We understand that “Liberation” can mean different things to different people, places and contexts. In 1971, for us “Liberation” meant getting

  • How BTS is changing the world, one song at a time

    In 2013, a group of seven boys, all from different backgrounds, who left behind their friends and family to follow their dream of becoming K-pop artistes, were about to debut.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • Ways to achieve your resolutions in 2021

    On January 1, everyone seems to have an idea about what their new year will look like, from healthier habits to learning new skills.

  • Lessons I learnt in 2020

    2020 has been difficult for everyone. As I say goodbye to the year, I look back at some of the important lessons I learnt.

  • GARBAGEMAN’s eco-friendly exhibition empowers Rohingyas

    Recycling is an eco-friendly way of waste management and in Dhaka, waste management is as challenging as it gets.

  • A quarantined Christmas in New York City

    The closest I got to a white winter Christmas was with movies such as Home Alone, The Princess Switch, The Grinch and The Polar Express. Then, I moved to New York City, USA, in early 2020. Despite the difficult times, the Christmas spirit still awakens as the year wraps up.

  • A Christmas like never before

    About two weeks ago, while we were discussing our Christmas plans and expressing our sorrows for not being able to meet each other in person this year, my cousin Ritika came up with a unique solution.

  • Working towards a cleaner, safer nation

    Over the years, they frequently cleaned up the streets through the help of their volunteers. They have also received governmental help from the city corporation. “Asun Kichu Kori helps with free medical care in medical camps. Our members identify as blood donors, and we are working to build an active blood bank,” mentions Rayhan.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics