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‘GPH Ispat Presents Esho Robot Banai’ concludes
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‘GPH Ispat Presents Esho Robot Banai’ concludes

The reality show, ‘GPH Ispat Presents Esho Robot Banai’, held their grand finale recently at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC).

  • Warrior Women Bangladesh: taking a leap forward

    How often do you read or hear about incidents of sexual harassment in our country? The number of cases is on the rise, and it is terrifying. In the hopes to combat these occurences, Mashroof Hossain, a Bangladeshi police officer and Abdullah Mohammad Hossain, a martial arts veteran with three decades of experience, together started the project Warrior Women Bangladesh in September 2017.

  • Youth Opportunities

    Young Researchers Fellowship Programme 2019

  • Team OLEEK: The national champion of Student to Startup

    Student to Startup, held at Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre, Savar, aims to catapult the young generation of entrepreneurs to the

  • Creating more opportunities: face to face with Cherie Blair

    Cherie Blair, a British barrister, lecturer and writer, is also the Chancellor of the very first (and probably the only) Liberal Arts school / university in Bangladesh, Asian University for Women (AUW), located in Chattogram.

  • Togbog - Creating a positive image for Bangladesh

    Launched on May 14, 2017 by a group of seven school friends -- Borshon Rahman, Ishmam Anan, Khaled Hossain, Samin Haque, Shadman Zuhayar Haider, Nayeem Anwar Mullick, Tanzim Uddin and Tawsif Akkas -- Togbog was been determined to spread positivity and love among people. At a time when Bangladesh was viewed as an epicentre of problems, the young hopefuls stepped into the scenario to enlighten people about the rich cultural heritage and glory of Bangladesh. Be it the lesser-known facts, an unexplored destination or the Bangladeshis who make us proud, Togbog ensures it can serve fresh content to thousands of its viewers every single day.

  • LEEDO: Voice for the vulnerable street children

    Local Education and Economic Development Organisation (LEEDO) carries the mission of rescuing children from the streets and placing them in their shelter called Peace Home, or reuniting them with their families. “In the last four years, we have rescued more than 2000 children and settled them both in our shelter and with their parents,” says Forhad Hossain, the founder and executive director of LEEDO. The co-founders of the organisation are Murshida Akter Kanta, Helal Uddin Liton and Mujibur Rahman Masood. LEEDO began their operations in 2000. The Carl and Liz family financed the land where LEEDO’s Peace Home was built in May 2015.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • Youth Opportunities

    Each year Solve seeks solutions from tech innovators around the world for its Global Challenges, and anyone can submit a solution by July 1, 2019. Finalists are invited to pitch their solutions at Solve Challenge Finals during UN General Assembly Week in New York City in September.

  • Gorur Ghash: Where fashion meets comedy

    Gorur Ghash, an online clothing and apparel store, stands out with their catchy name and fusion of comedy with fashion. Nahiyan Naser, Director of Operations, Ali Sakhi Khan, Director of Finance and Fahim Islam Shetab, Director of Procurement, are the three young men behind this brand. Gorur Ghash gained prominence in 2018, mainly through their in-house videos.

  • AZOWA: Empowering female artisans

    AZOWA is a sustainable social business platform and sister concern of AMAL Foundation that aims to showcase products made by female artisans in rural areas of Bangladesh. The women working under this project are provided with proper training in many required skills at AMAL Foundation’s Rowshan Ara Women’s Skill Centre at Sonpocha, Bogura.

  • New hope for Asian Giant Tortoises

    Creative Conservation Alliance (CCA), a government registered nonprofit organisation centered on environmental conservation, and the Bangladesh Forest Department, bred land tortoises in captivity, for the first time in Bangladesh’s history.

  • IPDC facilitates Bangladeshi youth’s participation at HIPAIR Harvard College Conference

    Corporate sponsorship to help prospective youths attend global seminars and workshops is quite rare in Bangladesh.

  • On winning the DLA Piper Global Scholarship

    Sabiha Mehzabin Oishee and Kalyan Chakroborty, two meritorious students from the Department of Law at North South University (NSU), are the first ever Bangladeshis to receive the prestigious DLA Piper Global Scholarship.

  • Rafat Nur’s projects to help the underprivileged community

    Rafat Nur, a graduate of National University of Bangladesh, runs Chobi’r Haat, an organisation comprised of close to 28 young artists who sell their artworks and use the money to provide food and healthcare services to slum dwellers.

  • Umbrellas to the rescue

    The Lal Sabuj Society (LSS) is distributing free umbrellas to rickshaw pullers all around Barishal, in the scorching heat.

  • Proborton’s Eid festival for the underprivileged

    Proborton celebrated Eid festivals in Dhaka, Rangpur and Ulipur, with over 300 students. In Uripur, more than 400 people were served with food to mark the occasion. A henna festival was also organised. The students were delighted to have new clothes and put on henna. They were also shown educational videos and issues such as child marriage and child labour were discussed with their parents.

  • Hashir Dokan: Shohomormita Foundation’s heart-warming initiative on Eid

    Shohomormita Foundation took an initiative to make this Eid a happy one for the underserved communities with their Hashir Dokhan in five points of Savar including the national Martyrs’ Memorial. The open shop sold clothes for children for one taka, or even in exchange of anything they have. The initiative started from the tenth of Ramadan. The shop had time slots where they are sold Eid groceries, including sugar, shemai, rice and spices for one taka. Parvez Hasan is founder of Shohomormita Foundation, which currently has 121 volunteers.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • NEARS organises discussion on sexual and reproductive health

    NEARS Bangladesh, in collaboration with Marie Stopes and Plan International Bangladesh, organised a discussion on the dispersion of

  • Maliha Tanjum Chowdhury on winning the Wellcome Sanger Institute Prize

    Maliha Tanjum Chowdhury, a third-year Biochemistry student from IUB, is the first Bangladeshi ever to win the Wellcome Sanger Institute Prize.

  • Potter Bibi: Promoting Bangladeshi culture and fashion

    Potter Bibi is an online shopping site serving products that are made in Bangladesh. The name, Potter Bibi, refers to the Bangla idiom,

  • KOTHA: Addressing sexual violence at its core

    Twenty-three year-old Umama Zillur, a graduate from Mount Holyoke College, founded KOTHA, a primary intervention programme that addresses the attitudes, behaviours, and conditions that support, condone and lead to sexual violence, in 2016. Developed under the Clinton Global Initiative

  • Youth Opportunities

    Becoming a Rising Star is an opportunity for women of Asian nationality to further develop their professional and leadership skills. We do believe that any woman who strives to reach her full potential should have the opportunity to do so.

  • Shokkhom In pursuit of eradicating poverty

    Shokkhom, a wing of OBHIZATRIK Foundation, was introduced in 2016 on a small scale with two hand-pulled rickshaw vans for selling vegetables. “The major target of introducing Shokkhom is to utilise zakat funds strategically as donations for social development,” says Ahmed Imtiaz Jami

  • Maliha Tanjum Chowdhury on winning the Wellcome Sanger Institute Prize

    Maliha Tanjum Chowdhury, a third-year Biochemistry student from IUB, is the first Bangladeshi ever to win the Wellcome Sanger Institute Prize. The Wellcome Sanger Institute is one of the biggest genetics research institutes in the world. 480 students from across 135 countries participated in this year’s competition. One of Maliha’s faculty members informed her about the opportunity and inspired her to participate in the programme. Despite her nervousness, her hard work in the competition truly paid off.

  • Poter Bibi: Promoting Bangladeshi culture and fashion

    Potter Bibi is an online shopping site serving products that are made in Bangladesh. The name, Potter Bibi, refers to the Bangla idiom, Shushojitto Thaka (staying adorned).

  • Serving happiness to the underprivileged this Ramadan

    Under Bidyanondo Foundation’s programme, ‘Ek Takay Ahar’ hundreds of street dwelling children, beggars, elderly people and physically and mentally

  • Taking The Flourist forward

    A Communication Design graduate from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Mufrad Zafar took up advertising for a few years after returning to Dhaka. Soon, he realised that he was not really drawn to the profession and he needed to venture into a career path that was creative and satisfying.

  • Md Mamunur Rashid on Shaping the Youth with Empathy Education

    Md Mamunur Rashid, a lecturer at BRAC institute of Languages at BRAC University, leads a project that focuses on empathy education. The project received International Recognition at the 20th Committee on Teaching about the United Nations Conference at the UN in April 2019. This is an annual recognition to those educators who have demonstrated the ability to inspire their students to collaborate, brainstorm and implement a plan successfully across all domains of learning on selected UN topics and global issues.

  • The proud brothers of DOTA 2 Bangladesh

    Mohammad Aiman “Len” Iqbal and Zunnun “Jin” Iqbal, known as two of the most popular professional DOTA 2 players today, also hold the prestigious positions in the SEA server as two of the top 1,500 players. They have been playing the game for over six years. They have played for one of most successful professional DOTA 2 teams of Bangladesh, The Council, for a long time. The last tournament Aiman played with The Council was The Local Cup Season 1, where they were the winners.