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Icon College of Technology and Management hosts convocation ceremony in London
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Icon College of Technology and Management hosts convocation ceremony in London

Bengali-owned institution in the UK, Icon College of Technology and Management, hosted their convocation ceremony for 2019 at Queen Elizabeth II Centre – Churchill Hall, London, on November 15. The college, offering affordable and quality education to students, was established in 2003.



  • Bashonti Sanitary Pads: An easy and affordable access to menstrual hygiene

    Bidyanondo Foundation is a non-government organisation working to provide better services to the underprivileged. Their recent endeavour, 5 Takay Sanitary Pad, aims to spread awareness on menstrual hygiene.

  • 'Cities for the Future' held at EMK Center

    To celebrate World Habitat Day 2019 (October 7), a discussion titled, Cities for the Future, was held at the EMK Centre, recently. The purpose of this talk was to raise awareness on the importance of living in an environment-friendly city among the youth.

  • ‘Jomano Kotha’ explores parent-child relationships

    Kotha, a primary intervention program aiming to address the culture of violence in Bangladesh, hosted an event titled, Jomano Kotha, at EMK Centre, recently.

  • The research labs at UIU

    Centre for Energy Research (CER) was established in September 2010 at United International University (UIU). It aims to develop research on the policy formulation, utilisation and efficient management of renewable and sustainable energy.

  • Traveller Najmun Nahar Sohagi creates history

    Najmun Nahar Sohagi is the first Bangladeshi woman to travel to 135 countries across the globe, carrying the national flag of her country.

  • Youth Opportunities

    The Community Solutions Program (CSP) 2020–2021 in USA



  • BizMaestros 2019 kicks off

    Unilever Bangladesh Ltd has launched the 10th installment of their flagship student competition, BizMaestros. The competition allows university students to experience real challenges in business, even before they have entered the workforce.

  • Laister: An affordable cooking solution

    Farzana Mubassira, Tasnim Ahmed Tahasin, Mehedi Hasan Bappy and Mostafizur Rahman are undergraduate students from Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST).

  • An aquatic paradise

    Tiny ponds with pink, yellow, blue, red and purple lilies are a common sight for visitors of Rakibul Hasan’s water garden. An accountant by profession, Rakibul has been pursuing his passion of water gardening since 2014.

  • Team Atlas: The youngest rover team of Bangladesh

    Team Altas was formed as one of the first rover teams operated by school students in 2016. Soon after, they were announced as the champions of the Project Showcasing Segment of Technival, an annual competition organised by Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET). They have recently participated in World Robotics Championship 2019’s Robo Race, which was held from September 23 to 25, in India.

  • The girl who never lost hope

    Born into a conservative family in Rangamati, Monika Chakma has made her mark in the field of football internationally.

  • UIU: A beautiful green campus in Dhaka

    United International University (UIU) was established in 2003, in Dhanmondi. Later, in 2018, they shifted to Madani Avenue with the purpose of constructing a large green campus. The entrance of the university is spacious.



  • Youth Opportunities

    FutureReady ASEAN Competition 2019 (Win a Fully funded Trip to Bangkok)

  • Breaking the silence around suicide

    Ananna wakes up with a jolt as loud crashes and bangs fill the 3am quiet of the night. Faint screams can be heard from outside her room when suddenly her mother’s desperate cries jerk her out of bed and out through the door to find her family gathered around her brother on the floor. As they try desperately to pry his mouth open and take all the sleeping pills out, a traumatized 8 year old Ananna stands in the corner trying to understand why her happy-go-lucky brother was suddenly on the floor trying to end his own life.

  • Oishik's Cartoon and Stuff

    This week's strip!

  • ASR Food Cart: Turning passion into trade

    Syeda Ramisa Khatun Rumi, 34, runs her Bengali cuisine cart in Dhanmondi 5/A, opposite University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

  • Wander Woman: Creating opportunities for female travellers

    Wander Woman (WW) is a social platform designed for the female travelers of Bangladesh. The community of travellers help each other to find important information and travel partners.

  • Youth Opportunities

    IndiaJoy Global Youth Festival 2019 in Hyderabad



  • Bonding with cats over coffee

    Six friends and recent graduates, Minhaz Uddin Shibly, Mooed Rasel, Tanimul Haque Khan, Rahat Rahman, Monirul Hoque Rifat and Fahad Bin Saad opened Capawcino Cat Café, the first cat-oriented coffee house in Bangladesh, this year.

  • Places to visit during Durga Puja in Dhaka

    Today marks the celebration of Shashthi, the sixth day of Naavraatri. After Maa Durga’s arrival is celebrated in Mahalaya, the goddess first encounters her devotees on Maha Shashthi. Welcoming the goddess, four rituals,

  • Xaara’s ‘Peace of Life’ strikes a chord

    Xaara Missouri Rashid’s song Peace of Life was recently launched at G Series’s Youtube channel. 13-year old Xaara is a seventh grader at Sir John Wilson School. Peace of Life is conceptualised and composed by Golam Rabbi Shohag. Xaara’s lyrics convey a social message for her listeners. Rapper Pablo Pikaso is also featured, alongside Xaara, in the music video.

  • Team Sparrow: Raising awareness about child abuse

    Team Sparrow is a social awareness generation project initiated by Adib Ahsan in September 2018. He graduated from UNITAR International University, Malaysia, this year. He came up with the concept for the project as a part of a social awareness creation programme at the university. “Child rape and abuse cases fueled my passion to work for this cause,” shared Adib.

  • The newest Bangladeshi woman to join NASA

    Through her perseverance and hard work, Bangladesh-born Mahjabin Haque has been recruited as a software engineer at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

  • DUTS celebrates World Tourism Day

    Recently, Dhaka University Tourist Society (DUTS) organised a photography contest and exhibition, marking world tourism day. Every year, the organisation, in association with Bangladesh Tourism Board, celebrates this occasion. The event was held at TSC, University of Dhaka. DUTS became the first organisation to celebrate World Tourism Day in Bangladesh in 1997.

  • Bangladeshi-Australian boy makes mathematical discovery

    Mubasshir Murshed, a 17 year old Bangladeshi from Gippslands in Victoria, Australia, has published a mathematical equation to prove that the parabola is the only shape to have one focal point.

  • Raihan Alamgir Lukan’s initiatives to promote Green Architecture

    Green Architecture is an approach to building that minimises the harmful effects of construction projects on human health and the environment.