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BDC Fempowerment: A debate competition by women for women
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BDC Fempowerment: A debate competition by women for women

With the tagline, ‘Future is Female’, a two-day online inter-school debate tournament, BDC Fempowerment 2020, was organised by Bangladesh Debating Council (BDC) recently. BDC Fempowerment is the first ever debate tournament, organised by women for women.

  • Ensuring youth involvement in community development

    Nishonkoch Foundation started their journey in December 2016. They strive to ensure youth involvement in social development and accessibility to quality education.

  • BANDHU Foundation of Bangladesh, Give Bangladesh and Aamrai Bangladesh to facilitate ‘Project Oxygen’ on September 4

    BANDHU Foundation of Bangladesh, Give Bangladesh and Aamrai Bangladesh will facilitate a tree-planting event, titled ‘Project Oxygen,’ tomorrow on September 4 at Koyra Upazila, Khulna.

  • Prerona Foundation and PFDA Vocational Training Centre join hands to support specially-abled individuals

    Prerona Foundation recently partnered with PFDA Vocational Training Centre to create sustainable livelihood generation opportunities for differently-abled individuals, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. The project, titled Amra Shikhi, Amra Pari, have enabled students of PFDA Vocational Training Centre to take online training on face mask production. After the training, the differently-abled individuals are currently producing masks and helping the nation fight against the pandemic, while supporting themselves.

  • Youth Engagement in public diplomacy: Bangladesh’s Forward-Looking Journey

    Youth Policy Forum (YPF) launched its landmark "Road to Reforms" series on 18th July 2020 with a focus on the reforms required for Bangladesh in different pressing areas. The inaugural webinar was titled "Bangladesh's foreign policy priorities in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic" and was organised in partnership with Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI) and The Daily Star.

  • Painted Thoughts: Enabling young artists

    Painted Thoughts, founded in 2017 by Samiha Tahsin, is an online platform that promotes creative work by young artists. Samiha is currently studying Computer Science and Engineering at BRAC University. She started her journey with Painted Thoughts shortly after completing her A-Level examinations. She has been an ardent artist since a young age. “My main breakthrough was when I worked with Nerd Community’s Tech Club for creating my page’s website,” she shared. Her peers were very supportive of her work. “They started motivating me and also bought some of my previous paintings,” she added.

  • Youth Opportunities

    CTG stands for Committed To Good. With an ethical approach at the heart of all that they do, it is a description that makes us proud. Respect for the fundamental human rights of their staff, and those their staff encounter, is a cornerstone of their values.

  • Pursuing goals on the field

    Reasat Islam Khaton, 31, was born in Dhaka and later moved to Germany, where he began his football career. He played in the Welsh Premier League for Llanelli Town AFC, making him the first Bangladeshi to ever play in the top division for a European country.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • Enabling children and communities throughout the country

    Founded in September 2019, AHC - Arise Help for Child Foundation enables underprivileged children in Bangladesh, in different ways.

  • Bangladeshi Shazeeb M Khairul Islam selected as Obama Foundation Columbia University Scholar

    The Obama Foundation recently announced that Shazeeb M Khairul Islam has to join their third cohort of Obama Scholars. Eleven rising leaders from around the world have been selected after a rigorous process to study at Columbia University for the 2020-2021 academic year, which will begin virtually. Shazeeb, the first Bangladeshi to be selected as an Obama Foundation Columbia University Scholar, is the Founder and Managing Director of YY Ventures, a company founded in Bangladesh to invest in social businesses that are moving towards a world of zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero carbon emission.

  • Porikolpona Foundation’s commendable steps to combat COVID-19

    The five co-founders of Porikolpona Foundation formed their non-profit organisation once the nationwide shutdown began. They were determined to educate disadvantaged communities about COVID-19. Some of the members are studying abroad, whilst two of them are students of IUT and through their reach, they were able to accumulate more than sufficient funds to work towards their goals.

  • Ekhoni looks out for the less fortunate

    Ekhoni is a social welfare organisation founded by a group of students from Sunbeams, in 2019. Twelve graders Avita Farhanaz, Fayizah Rahman and Tashfia Bari, wanted to support underprivileged communities, and hence, decided to ‘act now’, leading to the name of their organisation, ‘Ekhoni’.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • An affordable solution to combat COVID-19

    Ever since the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, Shakir was concerned about the spread of the virus. For precautions, he thought of using the ultraviolet type C light that has been used for many years for sterilisations in developed countries.

  • Youth Opportunities

    The Facebook Fellowship Program is designed to encourage and support promising doctoral students who are engaged in innovative and relevant research in areas related to computer science and engineering at an accredited university.

  • Valiant women contributing to culture and economy

    Ribana started Bunon with only an investment of BDT 500 and a pair of crochet sticks without any concreate planning. She had to visit the Dhaka Geneva Camp to conduct a survey for academic purposes.

  • RCNB looks out for those in need through crowd funding

    Resource Co-ordination Network Bangladesh (RCNB) is an initiative by co-founders Mahia Rahman and Juneyna Frances Kabir to help underprivileged communities, through crowdfunding. It is a Facebook group, involving people who are invested in facilitating existing successful grassroot NGOs like Garbageman, Leaping Boundaries, Pashe Achi Initiative, Uttaran, We for Them, Alokitto Shishu and BEACON.

  • Developing your mobile photography skills

    World Photography Day (August 19), is celebrated with exhibitions across the globe. However, owing to the ongoing pandemic, organisers have shifted events online, providing greater opportunities to photographers across borders. Beginner photographers are encouraged to share a slice of their lives through photos on this day, using #WorldPhotographyDay, on social media. While the pandemic has provided us ample time to develop new hobbies, mobile photography is a popular choice among many. Here are some recommendations from the freelance photographers of Star Youth, to develop your mobile photography skills.

  • Class of 2020: Anxious, yet eager to meet the future

    With the class of 2020 striding into one of the worst recessions of all time, the agitation about unemployment only seems to be increasing. As a final year student of North South University (NSU), I relate to their anxieties regarding internship and job opportunities, the changes a post COVID-19 world will bring to the recruitment process and the resumption of interviews and standardised tests for graduates, among other things. After the first case of COVID-19 was detected in the country back in March, educational institutions were shut, and soon, the offline classes were shifted online. I decided to speak to a few of my classmates and teachers from NSU, alongside HR professionals, about their predictions regarding the future, and the changes we should prepare for.

  • Why and where to learn a new language?

    Learning new languages has proven to improve analytical, listening, understanding, creative, and problem-solving abilities, among other things. From a societal aspect, understanding a different culture profoundly brushes up our knowledge about our own customs and traditions, including cuisine, music, fashion and so on.

  • Within these four walls

    There is a desk calendar on my wardrobe. It shows the month of May. It has been like that for a while now – but it is August now. Much like my calendar, the world has come to a pause. The global pandemic has brought our lives to a standstill. It all started with a distant whisper of a foreign disease that had been wiping out lives on the other side of the globe. But here’s the thing about people - unless it affects them, they don’t realise the magnitude of the situation.

  • ‘Youth Shongjog: Bangladesh in Climate, Water & Sustainability’ calls for youth action for climate crisis

    To celebrate International Youth Day 2020, Shongjog recently hosted the second episode of ‘Youth Shongjog: Bangladesh in Climate, Water & Sustainability’. Sohanur Rahman, CEO of Bangladesh Model Youth Parliament and coordinator of YouthNet for Climate Justice and Sharnila Kabir, youth activist and environmentalist, participated in the live discussion hosted by Saraf Nawar, Co-founder of Shongjog and the Dutch National Sustainability Coordinator.

  • An affordable solution to combat COVID-19

    Young researcher Mohsinul Bari Shakir has built a ultraviolet (UV) janitor to combat COVID-19 in Bangladesh. He is also the shareholder and Chief Operating Officer at the IT-based company, Aqualink BD. Born in Dhaka, Shakir’s hometown is in Sylhet. He completed his BSc in Computer Science from BRAC University in 2018. As his father is a government official, Shakir had to travel a lot and attend different schools at different points of his life. He has three internationally published researches, and is currently working on two more journals.

  • Practicing self-care during a pandemic

    Coping with a public health emergency can be stressful, as people try to manage the uncertainty about the future. However, there are steps you can take to build your wellness.

  • Things to do before you start bookstagramming

    Bookstagram, a hashtag on Instagram, has built a community with 46 million posts about books today. In the past few years, Bangladeshi bookstagrammers have been thriving.

  • Cartoon People Comics

    Cartoon People Comics

  • Limitless dreams, heart full of courage

    On a fateful Friday morning, Reshma Nahar Ratna was cycling on Lake Road, next toChandrimaUddyan, when a speeding microbus recklessly hit herand ran away, shattering her dream of conquering the mountains of the world, in a matter of moments.

  • Road Safety Movement 2018: Was it worthwhile?

    Two years ago, a speeding bus lost control and killed two teenagers and injured nine others in Dhaka.

  • Promises and pitfalls of online education

    The ongoing pandemic has made virtual meetings an integral part of our lives, and so, our education system has also shifted to the screens, with institutions all over the world initiating online classes. This transition has been tough for many. While teachers are struggling to maintain the ideal classroom environment, students are having a hard time in adapting to the new ways of assessment.

  • Five young-adult novels to pick up

    Young-adult literature has been consistently one of the most popular book genres for years – their commonly used themes of identity, love and friendship are universal, and most good YA novels have gotten the Hollywood treatment – prompting people to check out the source material. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, we need light-hearted and gripping novels to escape reality for a while. We have compiled a list of some great YA books, from popular to lesser known stories, that you may like.