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DLF sheds light on the Me Too movement
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DLF sheds light on the Me Too movement

Recently at a session, moderated by Bonna Mirza, journalists Rita Das Roy, Munni Saha, and Zyma Islam talked about the possibility of #MeToo movement happening in Bangladesh, in Dhaka Lit Fest (DLF).

  • Children rejoice in chocolate: 3rd Space celebrates International Chocolate Day

    Magic tricks, an art competition, games, Piniata, alongside layers and layers of chocolate: this would be a dream scenario for me when I was still a child. With very few recreational

  • In remembrance of Chester Bennington

    I have been battling chronic depression for years. I did not grow up in what you could describe as a 'picture-perfect' family.

  • A school for 21st Century Skills

    The term 21st century skills refers to a broad set of knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits that are believed by educators,

  • MIST hosts Ankur 2018

    An inter-university literature and cultural competition titled Aunkur-2018 was held at Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) on September 1, organised by the university’s Literature and Cultural Club. Prominent artist Hashem Khan, Member of the Board of Trustees of Bangladesh National Museum, was the chief guest. Major General Md Abul Khair,

  • Youth Opportunities

    TEDFO ACADEMY is offering a scholarship based month-long training programme on “Export Management” to students. The programme will be supported by TEDFO Bangladesh Limited.

  • "Run for life" on World Suicide Prevention day

    On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention day, observed every Sptember 10, Brighter Tomorrow Foundation (BTF) and The Great Bangladesh Run (TGBR) jintly organized “Run for Life” at the Dhaka University premises today to create awareness.

  • On studying performing ARTS

    With the publication of the HSC results, the battle of university admission tests will soon begin. Now is the time for students to think about the subjects they want to major in. Let us shed light on the prospects of pursuing a degree in the field of performing arts.

  • Youth Opportunities

    International Young Innovators Summit 2018 will be held by Studec International. The programme consists of a conference session, presentations and parallel sessions, university orientation, and company visit.

  • Verses of truth from a young author

    For Naeem Hossain, 15-year old author of a poetry collection titled Something You Need to Know, writing is a part of daily life.

  • The hope of moving-island schools

    Let's travel through a different kind of school today, which goes beyond excellent academic results and ensures students come out with good character and moral strength. However, what makes it so different?