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  • App-based wallet boosts transaction

    The financial industry in Bangladesh is increasingly embracing mobile application-based transaction -- a move that is gaining traction and holds the potential not only to make the country a cashless economy but also a card-less one.

  • A cashless society a distant dream

    Bangladesh has a long way to go to become a cashless society as only six percent of the total transactions are now settled through the electronic mode.

  • Go cashless to tide through Eid expenses

    The holy month of Ramadan that crescendos in Eid-ul-Fitr is undoubtedly the dearest for people in Bangladesh.

  • Cashless dining with Ramadan offers

    In this digital era, more and more people are inclined towards using plastic money, moving away from cash. And the notion of cashless dining has been a craze in recent times during Ramadan, in upscale restaurants of hotels, with their lucrative buy-one-get-one-free offers.

  • Wiser is winner

    Credit card: two words the mention of which turn many into full-blown cynics. While it is undeniable that anyone who has a credit card risks running up too much debt -- a milestone that might take several years and lots of sacrifice to get rid of -- if used wisely the benefits can outweigh the downsides.


    Private banks are preparing attractive offers on the use of plastic cards during Ramadan, Bangladesh's peak shopping season, with the

  • Plodding towards cashless society

    Bangladesh is slowly but surely on track to being a cashless society even though it remains an overwhelmingly cash-based economy at

  • Digital Banking

    Digital Banking


    The coming month of Ramadan brings forth two widely different forms of enjoyment: one being the fast and the other the breaking of

  • Customers warming up for e-commerce

    Digital payment on e-service platforms are growing at breakneck speed in recent times.


    Nothing feels sweeter than the first sip of beverage and the bite of date that break your fast. What's more fulfilling is the intimacy of

  • Banks and mobile financial service for Pahela Baishakh 1425

    Mega discounts on card usage ahead of Pahela Baishakh

    Banks and mobile financial service providers are offering a bundle of discounts for shoppers in the run-up to Pahela Baishakh, which has become one of the biggest spending occasions for Bangladeshis.

  • Baishakhi shopping 1425

    Going digital with Baishakhi shopping

    As the mighty spring season prepares to wrap up all its glory for this year, the people of Bangladesh wait with waves of excitement for

  • Do you take cards?

    If you like eating out, then you must have asked the title question, more than once in your lifetime. In Dhaka nowadays, the answer to

  • Digital Payment In Bangladesh

    Digital Payment In Bangladesh