2019-20 National Budget | The Daily Star
  • A budget for public welfare: PM Hasina

    She has underscored the need for reform in the country's financial sector and warned of taking stern action against wilful loan defaulters.

  • Import duty on Smartphones

    ‘Tax on mobile phone uses suicidal’

    Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB) in a budget reaction has termed the incremental supplementary duty on mobile phone uses as a “suicidal decision”.

  • Challenge lies in implementation

    A look at the revised budget for the outgoing financial year and its state of implementation up to the month of March reconfirm the main weakness of our financial management, namely, the persistently low revenue mobilisation that routinely misses its target.

  • BUDGET SPEECH: PM helps out ailing Kamal

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday presented parts of the national budget as Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal fell sick halfway through his speech.

  • Tk 20cr likely to be allocated for boosting football

    Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has proposed a special allocation of Tk 20 crore to Bangladesh Football Federation for boosting the country’s football sector.

  • TAX, FISCAL POLICIES: Not inclusive enough

    Tax and fiscal policies framed and applied by the government are not progressive enough to reduce inequality in the society, said analysts.

  • Mobile bills may go up in next FY

    Mobile phone users might have to spend more as the National Board of Revenue is expected to seek a hike in the supplementary duty (SD) on calls, data and other services in the coming fiscal year, said officials.

  • Time to work on basics

    The Bangladesh economy is taxing for take-off -- for its long-haul flight to the developed country club, with couple of stopovers in between.

  • Public enterprises incur Tk 4,325cr losses

    After a span of five years, state-owned enterprises jointly incurred a loss in the outgoing fiscal year largely because of Bangladesh

  • State banks weighed down by bad loans

    Default loans in state-run commercial banks soared 10.64 percent, or Tk 5,184 crore, in the first quarter of the year -- in the

  • Reforms on cards

    The new budget will provide directives on reforms in education and financial sectors and incentives for the stock market, the finance