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  • Banani FR Tower

    FR Tower: Plot owner held for flouting building code

    The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) arrests SMHI Faruque, the land owner of FR Tower for his alleged connection to the illegal extension of Banani’s high rise building that caught fire in March.

  • FR Tower in Banani of Dhaka was ravaged by a huge fire

    FR Tower Design Forgery: HC orders two Rajuk officials to surrender

    The High Court yesterday directed two Rajuk officials to surrender before a lower court in six weeks in connection with a case filed for forgery over the design of FR Tower.

  • Banani FR tower fire

    FR Tower owner Tasvirul gets bail

    A Dhaka court grants bail to Tasvirul Islam, one of the owners of FR Tower in a case filed over the fire that ripped through the high-rise, killing 26 last month.

  • Honouring a true hero

    We are saddened by the premature death of Sohel Rana, the 25-year-old firefighter who saved many lives at the risk of losing his own during the Banani FR Tower fire on March 28.

  • Fireman Sohel Rana

    Hero fireman's final farewell

    “I am dying…visit me at the hospital if you can,” were the final words he uttered to his mother, Halima Begum, over phone on the very day he was critically injured during the FR Tower rescue operation.

  • Firefighter Sohel Rana

    Home minister assures job for Sohel’s family

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal assures a job for a family member of firefighter Sohel Rana, who died as a hero of Banani fire tragedy.

  • Fireman Sohel Rana

    Sohel dies a hero

    Four years ago, a poor family in Kishoreganj dreamt of better days as their eldest son, Sohel Rana, had joined the Fire Service and Civil Defence as a fireman.

  • Banani Firefighter Sohel Rana

    Banani fireman Sohel dies at Singapore hospital

    Firefighter Sohel Rana, who sustained serious injuries during FR Tower fire rescue operation, dies at a hospital in Singapore.

  • Banani FR tower fire

    Greed of owners, Rajuk caused FR tower fire: Minister

    It was the unbridled greed of the building owners, developer and Rajuk officials that led to FR Tower fire tragedy which claimed the lives of 26 people, says the public works minister at a meet-the-press in the capital.

  • Banani FR Tower

    ACC sends letters to 9 govt bodies seeking info on FR Tower

    The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) sends letters to nine different government authorities seeking information on the “irregularities and corruption” in Banani’s FR Tower which caught fire on last Thursday.

  • Banani Firefighter Sohel Rana

    FR Tower inferno: Firefighter still in critical condition

    Sohel Rana, a firefighter who sustained serious injuries during the FR Tower fire rescue operation, remains in critical condition at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in the city.

  • Interactive profile: Loved ones we lost in Banani FR Tower fire

    Let’s not forget the people who lost their lives in Thursday’s Banani FR Tower fire. Six women and 20 men, who became victims of the horrific blaze in a single incident, should remind us of our collective responsibilities to prevent such disaster.

  • Banani fire survivor Ripon

    Planning goes haywire

    Rajuk is approving commercial buildings in the residential areas of Gulshan and Banani with virtually no height limits and experts are calling it illegal and a recipe for disaster.

  • Enforcing fire safety requirements

    Enforcing fire safety requirements

    Over the past few months, Bangladesh has been passing an anxious situation. Banani FR Tower and Gulshan DNCC Market fire

  • Banani Fire Survivor

    Man posted selfie in FB as mother wanted to see him for last time

    One of the survivors of the tragic fire incident at FR Tower in Dhaka’s Banani, Ripon shares his story to The Daily Star as he came in front of the building today, three days after the incident in which 26 people lost their lives and scores of others sustained injuries. Watch the Star Live video to know more.

  • Banani FR Tower Fire survivors

    Luck and wits got them out alive

    Once he learnt that a fire had broken out in the building and it was spreading fast, Shariful Islam on the ninth floor of FR Tower told his colleagues to run to safety. But they could not as black smoke already had engulfed the staircases.

  • Banani FR Tower fire

    FR Tower not safe for use now

    The 23-storey FR Tower is not safe for use now as it was damaged in Thursday's fire that claimed 26 lives, experts said.

  • Banani FR Tower fire land owner arrested

    Banani fire: Faruque, Tasvirul placed on 7-day remand

    A Dhaka court placed SMHI Faruque, the land owner of FR Tower in Banani, and Tasvirul Islam, one of the owners of the high-rise building, on a seven-day remand each in connection with a case over Thursday's fire disaster.

  • Banani FR Tower Fire

    ‘To survive, we had to act in 10mins’

    The separate government probe bodies formed to investigate Thursday’s Banani FR Tower fire are hearing the accounts of those survived the inferno.

  • Faulty Buildings: They will be identified in 15 days

    Housing and Public Works Minister SM Rezaul Karim yesterday said all buildings constructed violating rules would be identified within 15 days.

  • Banani Fire victim

    An office numb with grief

    Ten of the 26 people killed in Thursday's devastating fire in Banani used to work at Heritage Air Express on the 10th floor of the 22-storey FR Tower.

  • Banani FR tower fire

    Nothing is right

    The Rajuk came to know about 12 years ago that the Faruque-Rupayan Tower was built in violation of the approved plan, but it remained silent for all these years.

  • Dhaka's Banani fire

    BNP blasts govt over Banani fire

    BNP criticises the government over the incident of Banani fire, alleging negligence in procuring modern equipment to combat fire.

  • Banani FR Tower fire

    Cops file case over Banani FR Tower fire

    A case is filed in connection with the deadly fire at the 22-storey FR Tower in Dhaka's Banani area on Thursday in which 26 people were killed and around 100 others injured.

  • Banani FR tower fire

    Banani fire: Another victim succumbs, death toll now 26

    The death toll from Banani FR tower fire rises to 26 as one of the injured victims dies at Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

  • Banani FR Tower Fire

    Open hearing tomorrow to determine origin of FR Tower fire

    Two probe committees formed by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief and Ministry of Home visited the fire-ravaged FR tower in Banani and inspected the floors that were most affected.

  • Banani fire victim

    'Pray for me'

    "There's a fire in our building. The flames are spreading fast. I do not know whether I will be able to get out. Tell everyone to pray for me...forgive me."

  • Banani FR Tower Fire Tragedy

    The last call

    It was lunchtime on Thursday and Polly Begum's phone was ringing. It was her husband Atiqur Rahman.

  • Banani Fire victim


    At least 25 people were killed and some 70 injured in Thursday's deadly fire that ripped through the 22-storey FR Tower in Dhaka's Banani area. All the bodies were handed over to the families and most of them buried yesterday.

  • FR Tower Fire in Banani

    Boy with the right attitude

    On Thursday, when fire fighters were struggling to douse the fire at FR Tower in Banani due to a scarcity of water, they often had to pause their efforts. One of the onlookers, a boy, noticed that a hose being used by the fire fighters was leaking, wasting water when each drop mattered.