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  • Constable turns yaba peddler

    Constable turns yaba peddler

    Mahfuzur Rahman, 31, was a constable in Khulna when he got addicted to yaba and the crazy drug made him beat up his family members and vandalise houses. He was even sued by his father that put him in jail, according to Rab. His 28 days in jail made him worse. He met a drug dealer

  • suspected drug traders killed in Mymensingh

    3 killed in 'shootouts'

    Two alleged drug dealers including a former Jubo League leader were killed in a “gunfight” between police and criminals in Satkhira Sadar upazila early yesterday, hours after police picked up both men.

  • Yaba couple-drug dealer Farhana Akhtar alias Papia

    'Yaba couple' captured

    Farhana Akhtar alias Papia married a drug dealer when she was just a teenager. She learnt the ins and outs of the illicit business pretty soon and expanded its network, especially by recruiting females.