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  • Bangladesh Cabinet

    State-owned Autonomous Institutions: Govt to utilise ‘idle money’

    The cabinet yesterday approved a draft law that would allow the government to use “idle funds” of state-owned organisations for development work. There are 68 state-owned autonomous organisation which have Tk 2,12,100 crore deposited in banks, said Cabinet Secretary

  • Bangladesh Oil Price

    BPC for new oil pricing formula

    Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation has put forward a proposal to the energy ministry to introduce an automated pricing formula to adjust petroleum prices against international prices on a monthly basis.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines logo

    BPC won't sell fuel to Biman on credit

    Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) has decided to stop selling fuel to Biman Bangladesh Airlines on credit from tomorrow as its outstanding dues have hit around Tk 1,600 crore in the last eight years.

  • Bangladesh Oil Price

    Why are citizens paying so much more?

    And it makes even less sense to now charge the same taxpayers' higher prices so that the BPC can deposit the subsidy amount to the government. What good is it to have citizens pay double and have the money sitting around in the government's coffers?

  • Fuel oil prices cut by Tk 3-10

    The government has cut the prices of octane and petrol by Tk 10 a litre and diesel and kerosene by Tk 3 per litre to pass on to consumers the benefit of low fuel prices on the international market.

  • Decision time on fuel prices

    The minister of finance has sought the opinion of the ministry of energy on how to revise prices of petroleum downwards.