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  • Bangladesh origin couple jailed in New Zealand

    Exploiting Migrants in NZ: A couple of Bangladesh origin jailed

    A couple of Bangladeshi origin, who ran a sweets-making business in New Zealand’s Auckland, have been jailed for their two-year exploitation of Bangladeshi migrant workers.

  • Bangladeshi Migrant Workers

    Standing by them, sad

    It was just some 40 minutes before the iftar yesterday when a group of people showed up at arrival lounge of Dhaka’s airport, unsure about what to do. At that time, both passengers and airport staff were taking preparation to break the day’s fast.

  • Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina File Photo

    Ensuring wellbeing of expats is govt duty: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said it is the duty of her government to ensure the facilities and wellbeing of Bangladeshi expatriates as they are significantly contributing to the country's economy.

  • Protection of Bangladesh migrant workers rights

    Protect the rights of migrant workers

    According to a report in this daily on March 18, around 300 to 400 Bangladeshi migrant workers are being deported every week from Saudi Arabia.

  • Oxfam says Systemic Exploitation of Bangladeshi migrant workers ongoing in Australia

    Caring more for clothes than workers

    Australian fashion brands have cared more for their clothes than the people making those, reveals a new report.

  • Highlight migrant workers' rights

    Labour migration analysts and businesses have expressed optimism that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will highlight Bangladeshi migrant workers' rights during her meeting with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud today.

  • Malaysian Crackdown: '7,000 Bangladeshis' held since January

    Malaysian immigration department has detained more than 30,000 undocumented migrants, including an estimated 7,000 Bangladeshis, since January this year.

  • Overstayed Foreign Workers: UAE govt offers 3-month amnesty

    In a landmark move, the United Arab Emirates yesterday launched a three-month visa amnesty programme, hoping to resolve a “Catch-22” for foreign workers who are fined daily for overstaying their permits but prevented from leaving until they pay the penalties.

  • Sharmeen fled

    Left with dreams, returned with nightmares

    Sharmeen (not real name), 35, of Munshiganj, returned from Saudi Arabia on May 24, five months after she had gone to the kingdom for work.

  • Migrant workers at risk of exploitation

    Around 5.5 lakh undocumented Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia remain vulnerable to exploitation and are unable to seek justice when victimised -- a situation akin to human trafficking, rights bodies Tenaganita and CARAM Asia have said.

  • ‘51% aspirant migrant workers cheated, abused’

    On average, fifty-one percent aspirant migrant workers experience fraudulence or abuse at different stages of embarking the migration, reveals a survey.

  • Stranded for 7 months

    Twenty-five Bangladeshi workers have been stranded in a factory in Afghanistan for over seven months without work and salaries.

  • The misery of migrant workers in Malaysia

    Reports of Bangladeshi migrant workers falling victim to abuse, mistreatment, fraud and other maltreatment in the hands of their foreign employers are not new.

  • Qatar to hire more Bangladeshi workers

    Qatar's Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani agrees to increase employing Bangladeshis and provide training and skill building facilities for them.

  • Too many migrant worker deaths

    A Daily Star report has found that over the last decade the number of Bangladeshi migrant workers who have died abroad of stroke or heart attack has been increasing every year.

  • Libya boat sink: 25 survivors return home

    Twenty-five Bangladeshis, who survived after two boats capsized off Libyan coast on August 24, return home.

  • books on migrant workers

    Protecting the rights of migrant workers

    With an aim to protect the rights of Bangladesh's economic migrants by enhancing the capacity of National Human Rights Commission, the UNDP-Bangladesh has recently published a study report titled 'Protecting Migrant Workers from Bangladesh: A Study of Legal Compliance with Migrant Workers' Rights' (2014).

  • migrant worker

    Iraq returnees demand compensation

    Returning empty-handed from Iraq, 19 workers demand compensation and licence cancellation of two recruiting agencies for cheating with them 17 months back.

  • This Star photo taken on August 27, 2013, shows Bangladeshi workers stand in line to enter Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, before flying to a foreign country for jobs.

    Penniless, they return from Brunei

    Two migrant workers return from Brunei penniless early today after they were cheated by two Bangladeshi recruiting agencies with the promise of lucrative salaries abroad.

  • ‘Bangladeshis to be relocated if Libya situation worsens’

    The government will relocate Bangladeshi migrant workers to the neighbouring countries from Libya if security situation of North African country worsens further