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  • The inequality of Dhaka's roads

    Are all roads treated equally by them? Why was the initiative to improve roads, footpaths and drains in the upscale tri-state area prioritised by the incumbent Mayor and the DNCC in their first two years in office?

  • 2 Harrier SUVs seized over tax dodging

    Customs intelligence seize two luxurious taxi SUVs from Baridhara in Dhaka allegedly brought into the country dodging over Tk 50 lakh in taxes.

  • 4 luxury cars seized from Baridhara

    Four luxury cars were seized from Dhaka’s Baridhara for tax dodging, customs intelligence say.

  • Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara

    No respite for Gulshan until 2017

    If you visit Dhaka’s Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara areas nowadays, you will have to brace yourself for never-ending traffic, dust and mud. And there is always a risk that you may even fall into a ditch. The posh areas are now undergoing a development work including widespread road digging, which has led to this miserable situation.

  • Security alert for Australian nationals in Dhaka

    Australia alerts its nationals over possible security threat in Dhaka – possibly in connection with New Year celebrations.

  • Modi visits new chancery complex in Dhaka

    Indian PM Modi inaugurates Chancery at Indian High Commission in Baridhara to strengthen diplomatic ties.

  • Modi offers prayers at Dhakeshwari Temple (video)

    Indian PM Modi visits Dhakeshwari Temple and Ramakrishna Mission in Dhaka and offers prayer on the second day of his maiden trip to Bangladesh.

  • ‘Islamic State member’ arrested in Dhaka

    Detectives claim to have arrested member of Islamic State (Isis) from a house in Baridhara of Dhaka.