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  • Bangladesh Oil Price

    BPC for new oil pricing formula

    Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation has put forward a proposal to the energy ministry to introduce an automated pricing formula to adjust petroleum prices against international prices on a monthly basis.

  • Is making profit BPC's only job?

    For around 15 years, Bangladesh had to struggle with import of oil because the price continued to climb from just $25 in1998 a barrel to $145 in 2008. The country's oil importing agency Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) counted staggering losses from 1999 till mid 2014.

  • Price cut not on govt's mind

    Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation this year is expected to log in twice the profit it counted in fiscal 2014-15 on the back of the low oil price on the international market. The benefits of this low price, however, are yet to trickle down to the consumers.