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  • Doping for gold, Olympians ignore health risks

    For as long as athletes have been battling for gold medals, they have been taking fortifying tonics, some stomach-churning, others downright dangerous with little concern for their health.

  • Chiller condemns Russia cheats' meet

    Australia's Olympic delegation head Kitty Chiller questions Russia's determination to eliminate drug cheats.

  • ‘Russia should remain banned’

    Russia's athletes should stay banned from international competition and not be allowed to take part in the Rio Games, says a leading Olympic official.

  • Greed knows no bound

    Coast guards yesterday destroyed around 2,000kg of lobsters worth about Tk 10 lakh in Chandpur as those were found injected with jelly.

  • 'More money stolen at point-of-sale'

    Foreign fraudsters in collaboration with local bankers and merchants are believed to have committed more card frauds on point-of-sale (POS) terminals than what they had done with ATMs, experts and investigators said.

  • 200 workers complain of cheating

    Over 200 Bangladeshi migrant workers, who have been repatriated by their employer from Iraq, yesterday brought allegations of cheating against their recruiting agency and demanded proper compensation from it.

  • Best Cheat Codes for Ludu

    If you’ve never played Ludo or Ludu, and got no fruity idea about what the hell I am talking about, then you might as well click somewhere else.

  • 'NGO' cheats rural women

    We are amazed at the report of “NGO officials” at a remote village in Sadurapul upazila in Kishoreganj embezzling about Tk 37 lakh from poor rural women in the name of capacity-building and income-generation.

  • Indians caught 'cheating' in exams

    Cheating in exams is fairly common in the Indian state of Bihar, but new images have emerged which show just how large-scale and blatant the practice is.