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  • Summing up Chobi Mela

    I have attended the Chobi Mela for years but never before have I felt the emotions that rose out of me this time.

  • Chobi Mela X: 2 decades of “persistence”

    20 years of anything is a rather big affair. The 10th edition of Chobi Mela has just wrapped up. Here I look to the people who put it together year after year, and the matters that pushed its presence among us through the crevices of this gridlocked city.

  • 'The Earth is Closing on Us - Rohingya Refugees in Exile' at Chobi Mela X

    'The Earth is Closing on Us - Rohingya Refugees in Exile' at Chobi Mela X

    The aforementioned, are the first few lines from the poem The Earth is Closing on Us, by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. The poem is based on the plight of the refugee crisis. According to UNHCR, a refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence.

  • 'Chobi Mela X' kicks off

    'Chobi Mela X' kicks off

    The tenth edition of Chobi Mela, the most prestigious photography festival in Asia begins today with an opening rally from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, following an inauguration ceremony at Chhayanaut Auditorium.

  • Fun-filled spring

    Since its inception in 2000, Chobi Mela, the international festival of photography, has been the most significant photographic event in Asia. It is organised by Drik Picture Library Limited and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, in collaboration with a number of other organisations.