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  • Heritage sites in Tongibari

    Once known as the City of Courage, Bikrampur -- now called Munshiganj -- holds a history of more than 2,500 years. And if you are planning a day-trip to visit a few heritage sites close to Dhaka, then make a trip to Tongibari, a part of the-then Bikrampur capital of Bengal. We managed to visit only three out of the dozens of heritage sites there.

  • Sadiq Khan's Democratic Islam

    The man of the hour in the United Kingdom, if not in Europe, is obviously Sadiq Khan – Pakistani by origin, Muslim by faith, and newly elected Mayor of London.

  • Dhaka Kendra

    Dhaka’s treasure trove

    Dhaka Kendra, a private museum, continues to astound visitors with its huge collection showcasing the history of Old Dhaka, since its inauguration in 1997 at Mohini Das Lane. Nestled inside the building are rare antique collections from the past life of the city, from daily life artifacts of nobles to old photographs along with many other treasures, one would be amazed to see.

  • FEATURE: Life lessons in an artist’s haunting “3D” mosquito nets

    Consider the humble mosquito net. It’s the cheapest and the most effective way to fend off malaria. But what about mosquito netting as high art?

  • FEATURE: To be the world's strongest kid

    It’s a sweltering Sunday afternoon outside the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre as a crowd gathers to line a narrow stretch of road in Seria.

  • FEATURE: Asia's big nosh

    It might seem that the beginning of the year is all about movies with various guilds lining up to reward their favourite films and actors but it's also the time when the food industry celebrates its own by announcing “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.

  • When the gates of hell open

    This year, on August 28th - the 15th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar - it is Yu Lan festival in Hong Kong, also known as Hungry Ghost Festival

  • Crossing divide

    A man and a woman from two different countries can make a happy family if they respect each other's culture and values.

  • Pitha galore this winter

    Bangladeshi winters mean weddings, steaming plates of biriyani drenched in ghee with soft potatoes, cozy sweaters gathering dust and smell of naphthalene balls in your cupboard, badminton games in your neighbourhood, warm warm blankets, monkey caps and of course the pièce de résistance of winter—Pithas.

  • An evening at Nantang Block

    A walk around the historical block of Nantang, in Ningbo of China to get a glimpse of the weekend activities of the local people, and to try out some of their traditional delicacies.

  • Taj Mahal chandelier crash investigation ordered

    The Indian authorities order an inquiry into why a chandelier hanging at the entrance of the country's most famous monument, the Taj Mahal, crashed to the ground earlier this week.

  • Opinion: Is this rule of law?

    Human rights leaders are blaming the long pervasive culture of impunity as one of the major reasons for the gruesome killings of children and bloggers.

  • Bangladesh, Vietnam eye extending ties in security

    President Abdul Hamid today meets his Vietnam counterpart Truong Tan Sang and discusses security, connectivity, trade, investment, tourism and culture.

  • K-Pop in Dhaka (video: part-III)

    The Embassy of the Republic of Korea organises the first ever K-pop contest in Bangladesh on June 6 2015. K-pop is a musical genre consisting of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea.

  • Don’t worry over Teesta: Mamata

    Visiting West Bengal Chief Mamata Banerjee says Bangladesh need not worry over Teesta water-sharing deal and the issue will be resolved soon