Dhaka Café Attack Verdict | The Daily Star
  • IS Cap

    Where did the IS cap come from?

    How did one of the most talked about terrorists carry a cap emblazoned with the IS logo to a Dhaka courtroom in and then proceed it put it on for all to see?

  • Cafe Attack Verdict: Rabiul’s family for quick execution

    The family of slain police official Rabiul Karim wants quick execution of the verdict in the Gulshan café attack case.

  • Arrogance writ large

    Unable to hear the judge clearly, accused Mizanur Rahman, 63, thought he had been given the death penalty. From the dock, he let out “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) and called for the destruction of all “infidels”.

  • Reaction from Faraaz’s family

    Café attack victim Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain’s family has expressed satisfaction over the verdict and gratitude to the government for its zero tolerance approach to terrorism.