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  • Rohingyas refugees hurt in Ukhia lanslide

    5 Rohingyas hurt in Ukhia lanslide

    Five Rohingya refugees are hurt in a landslide triggered by torrential rain at a refugee camp in Ukhia upazila of Cox’s Bazar, an official says.

  • Mynamar Rohingya refugee crisis

    One family, 4 countries: Dispossession of the Rohingyas

    It takes a few moments to sift through the years of chaos and dislocation before Rohingya refugee Robi Alam settles on the Muslim holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr, August 2012, as the last time he saw his seven brothers together in Myanmar.

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    Bangladesh facing multidimensional crisis for Rohingyas: CPD

    Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya, distinguished Fellow of Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), says that Bangladesh plunged into multidimensional problems for Rohingya crisis affecting its economy and employment.

  • President Abdul Hamid

    President calls for OIC action to ensure just right of Rohingyas

    President Abdul Hamid calls upon the OIC members to take action 'right now' to ensure a peaceful life with the justified right of Rohingya people.

  • Rohingya crisis issue

    Myanmar working group to visit Dhaka Dec 19

    A delegation of Myanmar working group will visit Bangladesh on December 19 to ascertain the modalities for execution of the bilateral deal signed between Dhaka and Naypyidaw for repatriation of forcibly displaced Rohingya people.

  • Showing humanitarian attitudes to Rohingyas: BGB DG

    Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members are showing humanitarian attitudes to the Rohingyas who fled from Myanmar fearing persecution, chief of the paramilitary force said today.

  • Rohingya influx: Dhaka summons Myanmar envoy

    Bangladesh government summons Myanmar envoy in Dhaka and expresses “serious concern” over the recent happenings, including the fresh influx of Rohingyas into Bangladesh.

  • Activists reject Myanmar's new Rakhine body as Annan visits

    A new body set up by Myanmar's government to investigate allegations of rights abuses against Rohingya in Rakhine lacks credibility, activists said Friday, as former UN chief Kofi Annan began a visit to the troubled state.

  • Rohingya crisis: Politics of denial

    Myanmar has no reason or justification to deny the history and existence of Rohingyas as an ethnic race of its land. Then why does the hardline nationalist group continue to be so provocative against this community?

  • Europe’s dilemma is a stark closer to Asia

    Persecuted Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar and thousands of Bangladeshi nationals have undertaken perilous journeys across the Andaman Sea to reach countries in Southeast Asia.

  • Regional Governance Matters

    The majority of the Asian states rejected the International Law on Refugees, established under the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol, claiming it to be irrelevant to the Asian refugee experiences.

  • Overcoming compassion fatigue

    We urge the Bangladesh government to review its Rohingya refugee policy, to robustly engage with the international community to compel Mynamar to create enabling conditions for the refugees to return, to refrain from taking new measures that may further jeopardise the interests of registered Rohingya refugees.

  • Rape–another crime of human traffickers at sea

    An investigative report by this paper has unraveled the horrifying sexual abuse of Rohingya women while they make their perilous trips at sea.

  • What language do "boat people" speak?

    I think a euphemism is a kind of lie, and the lies peoples and countries tell themselves are revealing. Describing Rohingya migrants as “boat people” is disturbing and unacceptable to me.

  • Citizenship for Rohingyas

    The recent tragedy of hundreds of boat people floating in the wilderness of the sea without food and other basic amenities has drawn the world's attention to the protracted suffering of the Rohingyas.

  • Rohingya migrants

    The sighs of ancestors rock migrant boats

    AS many as 8,000 refugees have been adrift in the Andaman Sea lately, some of them stranded for more than two months.

  • A trip down the path of horror

    The four were in a hurry, had little time to bargain for the cricket bat's price. Most excited among them, Nur Alam pulled out his moneybag hurriedly, paid Tk 300 and almost snatched the bat from the salesman.

  • The sickness of illegal immigrants

    Bangladesh relies on its workers' remittances but is seemingly happy to turn a blind eye as to why half a million of them choose to leave the country every year and how the nearly eight million currently abroad are treated.

  • Myanmar must recognise Rohingyas as its citizens

    In the wake of a much publicised international humanitarian crisis relating to boatpeople, thousands of whom are languishing in the high seas, Myanmar's reluctance to attend Thailand's May 29 regional summit to solve the issue, is disconcerting.

  • Floating coffins

    Since 2012, thousands of Rohingyas died in Arakan, and more than 150,000 people have been herded in the so-called Internally Displaced People Camps.

  • Rohingya family’s dream of a better life dashed

    Mohamed Khalim,23,was willing to bring his 20-year-old wife and 3-year-old son to face storm and danger, being starved and cramped with hundreds of others in boat from Myanmar in hope of a better life but his dreams were dashed.