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  • Deadly flood hits Chennai and Sri Lanka

    More than 70 people are killed as incessant rains continue to batter the southern Indian city of Chennai, media reports say.

  • Flood threat from Hurricane Patricia

    Mexico's president warns that Hurricane Patricia still poses a threat of floods and landslides as it brings heavy rain to parts of the country.

  • Chittagong city embankment in danger (video)

    Cracks have started to appear on parts of the Chittagong city embankments from being hit by the mighty waves of the Bay of Bengal.

  • Typhoon lashes China, 14 dead

    A typhoon battered China's east coast, killing 14 people and forcing the authorities to evacuate hundreds of thousands more.

  • Flood tightens grip

    Five more people, including three women and a kid, were killed in a landslide triggered by heavy rains in Cox's Bazar town early yesterday, barely a month after five died in landslides in the district.

  • 8 dead in Cox’s Bazar after rain

    At least eight people including two children are killed after torrential rain and landslides in different areas of Cox’s Bazar.

  • Escaped zoo lion kills Georgian man

    A Georgian man has been killed by a lion after it escaped from a flooded zoo in the capital, Tbilisi.

  • Worsening flood situation

    A flood is raging in the north and northeastern part of the country, badly affecting the lives of thousands.

  • Alert as Tbilisi zoo animals escape in flood

    Heavy flooding in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi kills eight people with officials warning people to stay indoors to avoid animals which escaped from a zoo.

  • 15 Colombian gold miners trapped

    Rescue workers are trying to reach at least 15 miners trapped underground in a gold mine in northwestern Colombia after it suddenly flooded, a government emergency response unit say.